When people think of photo applications for the iPhone, they immediately think of Instagram.

However, Instagram is far from being the only option on the market today. In fact, with Nik Software, they have created Snapseed which is going to take over the photo market for iPhone. This program is available for a free download, so you may as well add it to the phone you have and start to use it for a great experience. Nik Software in general makes high end photo applications for Photoshop so you can use them with your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. With the application they offer, take the photos and put them on your Twitter, Facebook, or even a Flickr account. Over the years, they have worked to master the image-editing process and shine through in the industry with one of the top applications. Nik was recently purchased by Google, which means that this application is now FREE!

Using Snapseed

Sometimes, you download these free programs and they are convoluted and difficult to use. Snapseed is not like that. This interface is clear and easy to use, but it isn’t weak. Snapseed has a powerful backing and the capabilities seem to be endless. You can use this program both as a landscape orientation or vertically. There are easy to access buttons right on your touch screen to help you edit. Using the swipe on your iPhone will help you adjust your color, your brightness, and even the contrast.

With Snapseed, messing around with it for a few minutes will be enough to tell you how to use it. It just requires some swiping left to right and right to left. There is even a help feature built into it, so if you get confused you can press that button. When you edit photos, a picture icon will allow you to compare the edits you have made to the previous photo. You can use this to perfect your photo.

Sharing Photos with Snapseed

Once you’ve edited your photos, you can upload them to various sites. The photos with edits will save directly you or iPhone library. You can email the photos to people that want to see them, you can send them to your Twitter, or upload them to your Facebook. There are privacy settings built in, you will not have to worry about where your information or photos are going. Keep them to your network of people with these security settings.

Why Use Snapseed Over Instagram?

Most people assume they are going to use Instagram to put photos on websites and their Facebook. Instagram is a fun program; however, it doesn’t allow you to spruce up your photos quite the same. Snapseed allows you to do this quickly and combines a very powerful editing tool with enhancement options too. Once you spend the time to play with it, you will feel as if you are playing with Photoshop because of all the features this program offers. Snapseed is a great choice over Instagram and will become more popular with more users.

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