Are you a fan of online chatting? Do you have family members that live far away from you?

If you do, you want to check out the choices for messenger. One choice you should try out is Yahoo Messenger, this program works well and is a quality program in which you can communicate in many ways. Here are a few tips to ensure that you are making the most of Yahoo Messenger and using it in a way that proves to be the most effective for you. These tips will make it so much easier to use.

Set Up Avatars

With Yahoo Messenger, you can use an avatar, which is a picture or an image in which the owner is represented the way that they want to be. If you love that avatar, you can save it so you are able to use it for yourself, and it can also help you remember the people you have on your list so you are aware of who they are. Or, if you want one of your own, create one, save it, and upload this as your avatar so you can look pretty just like them.

Use Yahoo Messenger with Twitter

Twitter and Yahoo Messenger work well together, in fact, there is a plug-in now in which you can use it so you can sync it with your Twitter account. This plug-in is called WackyB and it will allow you to twit while you are using Yahoo, they all sync together so you can use them together. When you change your status updates, a tweet will go out.

Have Multiple Log-Ins

If you have a few Yahoo accounts, maybe one used on a personal level and one used at work, you can use a program so you can log into both of those. What you will need to do is take your Yahoo Messenger and log in with a multi-messenger, this way you are able to use all of your log-ins at once.

Get Rid of the Ads

One of the peskiest things you will find with Yahoo and any of these free programs is you are going to have to deal with advertisements. You can remove these advertisements and you can disable the ads displaying on your Yahoo Messenger. Use the Ad Banner Remover Plus to get these to go away.

Find That Hidden Person

Is there that person on your Messenger list that always appears to go offline whenever you log on? Now, that doesn’t have to be a mystery to you. You can find those hidden people on your account so that they can’t hide from you on Yahoo Messenger.

Use Popular Keyboard Shortcuts

When you use your mouse to open things with Yahoo, it can take a long period of time; it doesn’t have to be that way. You can use keyboard shortcuts that are smart to know. When you use these keyboard shortcuts, it is really easy for you to get done what you need much quicker.

Use Fun Emoticons

There are many hidden choices for the ever-popular emoticons you can use. You will surprise your friends when you send them these cool emoticons that they don’t have and they will want to know how you are going to be using them and how you got them. Keyboard shortcuts will get you access to these.

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