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Minecraft Xbox 360 TU14 Update Confirmed Release


The Minecraft Xbox 360 edition has already confirmed the release of the Title Update 14 and based on the past, players also expect a slew of new skin packs to hit the stores.

The game continues to grow popular with its open world approach and myriad things to do but it is the skins as well as textures that add color to game. A set of teaser images earlier showed some mash up packs in the making including an Avengers collection and more coming up, according to the developers’ tweets. They earlier confirmed the Mass Effect and Skyrim mash ups that are available for purchase now along with the Avengers collection. The player community is eagerly looking forward to such announcements and one can keep listing a whole lot of new things that people want to see in the game. The most popular skin packs they suggest include a Deadpool skin pack that may be bundled within a marvel collection, batman skin pack including joker and other villains among many others.

Modding Option

Similar to the PC version of the game, Minecraft Xbox 360 players are now requesting that they need a modding option so that they don’t have to wait for new skin packs or texture packs to come out. The freedom to mod will make it much easier for them to change the game as they place within their console or even host new games within their friend’s community. 4J studios and Mojang didn’t officially confirm anything on this query but more freedom to players will be given, as they have been demanding it for a long time now. Over five million copies of the game has been sold on the Xbox 360 platform alone and with such a huge fan base, it is confirmed that the studios will definitely keep releasing new updates, even though an Xbox One edition is under development. It may take a couple of months before such a huge fan base is built on the new platform. Until then, players can expect bug fixes, patches, texture packs and more being constantly released to the older version of the console.

Trading System

The least discussed aspect of the upcoming update for Minecraft Xbox 360 edition is the new trading system that is expected to be part of the title update 14 package. The newly launched feature in the game will change it drastically because players will now be able to strengthen their arsenal by trading the items they need. You don’t have to keep holding onto an emerald or a carrot because someone else might need it. Just find them, keep them ready when visiting NPC in villages, and trade them for another item that you may require. The confirmation was made by 4J studios in their Twitter chat. They have also made it much easier to find villagers who have a new item to trade. Those who are dwelling in the village will be highlighted using a purple spark that will let players in the Minecraft world know that they have a new item for sale.