Shopping for a new phone? You should consider the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2. Today, you have lots of choices for a new phone, shopping can be overwhelming.

Doing research ahead of time and understanding what you get out of a new phone makes it easier. This article will help you determine if this new Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is a good choice for you. You’ll learn all about the specifications, the pricing, and the features that are both pros and cons for considering this phone. With this information, it will allow you to make an educated decision as to the best choice.

Basic Specs of the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

This phone was released in January of 2014, so it is one of the newest phones on the market. It has an 8 MP camera that has a flash and other great features built into it. This camera, of course, will take video at 1080 resolution and will look great. The processing system is Android OS. It uses a version of Jelly Bean. When released this version was 4.3 although it will be upgraded as time goes by. The phone comes in three colors: pink, black, and white. You have applications built into it like Maps, Gmail, Google Search, YouTube, Google Talk, Picasa, and much more. You also will always have the option to use voice commands with this phone.

Watching Movies and Gaming on the Galaxy Grand

One of the biggest draws to this phone is the screen. This has a 13.3 cm HD screen. The ratio on it is 16:9; this makes watching movies and gaming from your phone an incredible experience. Even better, this phone is slim, so when you hold it in your hands, it will not be bulky. Play games when you want and don’t feel like you have to squint to see the screen.

The Samsung Galaxy Grand Makes Multi-Tasking Easy

Save yourself time and maximize your day with the Grand. You can multi-task easily with this phone. Due to the enhanced Multi-Window standard with this phone you can actually pair your applications up. When you pair your applications up, you can open them with just one touch. Since this phone has a large screen you will have enough space to do this effectively. This phone was designed to be a workhorse and you can take full advantage of that to use it for what it was designed for.

Leather Makes the World Go Round

The Samsung Galaxy Grand has one of the most unique features of any phone out there. The back of this phone is actually leather stitched. The Grand comes in black, pink, or white. Since this phone is so slim, you want to have this around the frame, it will provide support. Plus, with the Galaxy Grand, you will have a unique feature. What other phone do you know that comes with a back that is leather stitched? This is really something you won’t find and it distinguishes this phone from the others out there.

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