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Viber App Download Now For Free Calls

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Do you go over your minutes on your phone? If you have an iPhone or other smartphone platforms, you want to look into Viber.

Viber is a free download that allows iPhone users to place phone calls within the iPhone platform for free. To do this, you will either use the 3G connection that your cell phone carrier offers or you can use your Wi-Fi that you have at your house or that is accessed at a coffee shop, school, or a place with a free Wi-Fi network. This is a great technology people should take advantage of to prevent using too many minutes on their iPhones.

What Technology Does Viber Use?

To use Viber, you will find that this free application uses VoIP, which stands for Voice over IP or an internet-based phone service. You can make calls with this application on a service that is of high quality compared to the 3G calls you might make through a GSM network. This is different from Skype, which does not allow users to place free calls to each other currently. The way this works is that if you currently have an iPhone, you can use your contact list for other iPhone users and place these calls. They are unlimited and they will either connect through 3G or Wi-Fi, whatever you are using at the time.

Viber Vs. Skype

The main difference that people that use Viber will find is that Skype doesn’t allow Skype users to place free calls to each other. Viber does, which is a huge benefit. However, there are a few other benefits to using Viber. They will not require you to create a contact list. You just need the number and you can place the call. Viber is smart enough to determine if the person you are dialing uses that application and will tie into it directly. This is light years beyond what Skype currently is able to perform.

Viber In the Future

Viber is working very hard to keep their technology top-notch. They fix issues that are reported quickly and they have worked hard to make this a program that is way easier to use than Skype. Very soon, they will be expanding their platform so that it can be used with Android and Blackberry. They also hope to add a text messaging option soon allowing people to use Viber to send text messages. Their service works well and their call quality is high, so if you are waiting for this to use for your Blackberry or Android, they are worth the wait.

If you are ready to make free calls, you need Viber. You can use this no matter where you live and it will allow your to make calls anywhere to anyone that you want. As long as you have access to Wi-Fi or 3G, you are going to be able to place the calls. Viber makes life easy and will save you a lot of money in the long run. Be sure to download this free application.