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Angry Birds Free Download – When Will They Become Happy Birds?


To begin with, if you don’t have a clue as to what Angry Birds is all about, it is a simple game designed for mobiles, tablets as well as other platforms.

The game involves using a slingshot that propels small birds that hit glass or timber houses, in which green pigs live. The goal of the game is to destroy the pigs as efficiently and quickly as possible, by destroying their houses. The concept may seem rather simplistic or even dumb, but the game has seen being downloaded by millions of users. In fact many users have even paid money for the advanced version of the game. It has in fact had 12 million ‘paid’ downloads and more than 1.7 billion downloads across platforms.

How it all Began

Rovio Entertainment first created angry Birds for the iOS after they had produced some game titles for consoles and computers. A graphic designer for a game named ‘Birds’ initially brought the concept forward. This concept was further polished and expanded with an increased budget, with Rovio’s team developing the app further. The game could first be downloaded in its first generation version during 2009 and had 63 levels at the time.

Push to Social Media

Angry Birds was initially one among the 100,000 apps to be found in the App Store and it did not sell too well in the US App Store. Rovio then turned to regional markets as well as the social media for advertising this game. The game became very popular in regional stores and started becoming a top ranking game.

Technologies Used

It has been widely acknowledged that the Box2D technology was used for the game. The technology offers a means of simulating rigid objects in a two dimensional manner; for instance, in collisions and bouncing and so on. Another software library known as the Simple Directmedia Layer or SDL is also used which offers access to video and audio as well as other hardware. Thus, we see that open source libraries that are available for free have been sufficient for creation of the game, which is both challenging and attractive to users.

Not Resting on Laurels

The continued and resounding success of the free game can also be attributed to the fact that Rovio and his team are not resting on their laurels. They have continued to regularly release updates for the game, added new birds and interesting levels. Such updates have been offered for the free version that is ad supported as well as for the paid versions of the game. Specific season relevant games have also been released for Halloween and Christmas as well as for Thanksgiving.

Leveraging the Brand

The game creators have also managed to leverage their brand power to their advantage. This has made it possible to get access to other well-known brands, such as Star Wars, thereby creating themed versions of the game, like Angry Birds Star Wars. Users become more engaged with the game with such versions involving other well-known brand names, increasing revenue and in app purchases.

In short, Angry Birds have now become happy birds, as the game is appealing to all age groups, such as young kids, middle-aged moms and even dads as well as the older generation. There is a balanced mix of challenges, both for beginners as well as those who have mastered the higher levels of the game.