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Download Clash of Clans For Free and Reach Higher Levels through Upgrades


I call myself an avid gamer not because I play MMORPG games but due to the fact that I like to try new games which are available for free.

I find Clash of Clans an amazing game despite the low end graphics. The game can become quite addicting when you reach higher levels of the game. If you play Clash of Clans, the tips and tricks I have learnt during hours of game play can help you reach higher levels in a faster manner.

The Truth you need to know

If you are new to Clash of Clans, you need to know every soldier or troops you take to the battlefield will be eventually lost. In simple language, even the undefeated soldiers will be lost at the end of the game. So I suggest not to waste time and efforts in building a strong army to defeat a weak army.

Get the feel of each level

It is not necessary that you can cross each level of the game at first attempt. The best strategy is to send few troops at each new level to get feel of the situation and strength of the enemy. For example, you will only require fighting goblins in a single user mode. As you get the feel of the layout and the game, you will find unlocking a new soldier for every obstacle type is a good strategy. Initially, you will feel relying on number of soldiers is the best way to put up resistance and defeat your enemy.

Get maximum bonuses

In Clash of Clans defeating your enemy is not enough, your objective needs to be complete destruction. When you defeat goblins in the game, make sure you destroy everything they have, to get higher score in the game. Maximum destruction can give you bonuses and you will get three stars for the achievement.

To fight or to save yourself

You might find my statement weird as Clash of Clans is all about defeating enemy. However, sometimes being offensive instead of defensive pays off in the long run. Fighting a marauding army can be a difficult task, especially when there are chances your enemy is able to tear your soldiers to pieces. At this stage, you first objective should be protecting your home turf to prevent a takeover. You should ensure the places is protected by cannon-fire while you are away from your home turf. The best strategy is stock up on defensive units that will help you defend your home turf for a longer period.

Spend some money to move ahead

Good things are not always free. To reduce your down-time, the best thing would be to visit the app store and purchase some upgrades for resource collectors. Though many will disagree with me on this point, I have found this strategy to be helpful in long run. Some of the important resource collectors you need to upgrade are gold mine, gold collector, elixir storage and elixir collector. Upgrading your resource collectors enables you to store the resources that are collected during the game. These resources are useful to upgrade other resource collectors at later stages of the game.