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Download Subway Surfers Now While Throwing Down The Gauntlet


Subway Surfers was first launched in 2012 and today it has more than 130 million downloads, which is surely impressive.

However, what is more remarkable is the retention rate and the engagement of the game, with more than 90% of the players being retained since day one and 60% of the players being retained even after thirty days. In addition, there are 25 million active users being added every day. The game was also in the top twenty grossers in the US App Store chart and this quite rare for a Runner game.

What’s the Secret?

The mechanics of this free game are rather similar to Temple Run, but though there are several other games that spawned on the same pattern, Subway Surfers remained on the top of the charts. Maybe, this was because though the game mechanics were similar to Temple Run, it was taken a step further and simplified, thus making it easier to play and appealing to the masses. In cases where a game presents high difficulty levels in the beginning stages itself, the casual user can easily get scared away. Subway Surfers managed to lower the entry bar for first time users, thereby increasing retention numbers.

User Retention

One of the major factors for the game’s success is also its user retention. It is able to attract its users and maintain the attraction. The game is appealing to different types of gamers, with elements that will appeal to all of them. For instance, there are the achievers who will be interested in finishing levels and collection of points as well as amassing a lot of wealth. Those who are of the exploring type will love investigating the world within the game, the secrets and so on. Those who are into socializing will download the game for socializing and interacting with other users, whereas the killer type of players would be interested in dominating others and feed their ego by coming out on top at every stage. The game takes all these aspects into account and turned out to be a hit with the masses.

Attractive Concept

The game concept is clear and very simple, with just a three dimensional runner. The art is animated and right, which is attractive for children and youngsters as well as women. The store of a graffiti artist who runs away and escapes from the police seems interesting for mid core gamers as well as men, as they can relate well with the inner rebel within themselves and connect with the lead character of the game.


The game actually throws down the gauntlet at the players by showing the results of your competitors, as you run past in the game. This is not just in the form of an impersonal score table, but rather reminds the player that they are not on top and this is something that presents a constant challenge. The achievers and killer type of players thrive on such challenges.


The game also offers plenty of stimulation with different missions and tasks to be accomplished. Such accomplishment results in point multipliers, which offers the perfect stimulus for the player. The game also offers a free daily reward, so that users are encouraged to come back daily for the competition and reward.

These are just some of the aspects leading to the stupendous success of Subway Surfers and its phenomenal download figures.