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Download Temple Run 2 For Free and Travel To South America


You must know the game by now. Though there is a slew of such endless runner games flooding the app market, only Temple Run 2 Free from the Imangi Studios, offers Xbox Live features.

The new version Temple Run 2 Free is pretty much the same as the last one, apart from a few additional scents. You still have to swipe up, down, left or right and avoid obstacles whilst collecting tokens and upgrading the character.

Easy Controls

The controls of the game are very easy to learn. You can move the character round the tract by dragging left or right. This action also helps the character to pick coins and avoid obstacles or hazards. If you want to get through the right angle turns, you just have to use hard left or right swipe. If you wish to move under obstacles, you must swipe down and for jumping above the pits and other such actions, you can swipe up. Slowing down might be a little dangerous in this game, as the gorilla is always close behind.

Moving Up

The original game was based in a fictional temple in South America, where the adventurer tried to run away from a horde of monkeys. Temple Run 2 Free is a little more fanciful, moving up to a lost city that is located high above the clouds. The adventurer must now try to escape a gigantic gorilla.

Environment Changes

The run begins with a zip line to which the player has to cling so that he can slide over the huge gap. On the way, he can always weave to the right or the left for grabbing coins. There is also a huge waterslide where you can splash about, grabbing coins at the same time. While splashing around, you might also have to go under obstacles and select the right directions.

Cart Riding

There are mine carting areas befitting the Indian Jones theme. You need to escape the fire and select wisely at the intersections, as the wrong path can lead you right into a wall. The player is also required to lean safely on thinner parts of the track, as not doing so will only land him or her into the abyss found below.

Stave Off Defeat

When the special move meter starts filling up with your progress, you can double tap on the screen to activate the meter. This will provide you with some invincibility, though short-lived. During this period, you can freely run over the gaps and do almost everything without fear. There are also other power ups that keep floating around. For instance, you can get a coin magnet and convert yourself into a machine that steals coins. However, there are some power ups and items that can only be purchased and there are very few available in the early stages of the game.

Purchasing Characters

You can purchase characters with the game’s coins as well as real currency. There are several characters to be purchased, such as the Barry Bones, who is a black police officer or the Guy Dangerous, a generic Explorer or the Karma Lee, a strange lady from Asia and several others. Coins can also be used to upgrade the character’s abilities.

In short, Temple Run 2 is a free download that can offer plenty of fun, if you play it in short doses. It has good in app purchases, which is structured in such a manner that you are not pressurized to purchase them.