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Google Chrome Free Download For Best Add-Ons

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Google Chrome has raced ahead of all Internet browsers to get the top spot.

Recently released statistics clearly show Google Chrome usage share is almost double than Internet Explorer which is the second most used browser by people for surfing the Internet. While Internet Explorer availability is primarily limited to Windows OS and Windows products, developers of Google Chrome have made the browser available across diverse platforms which include Windows OS, Android OS and Linux and it is available for free download. The reason for Google Chrome’s popularity is not related to the fact that it is a Google product but the browser has several features you will not find in other browsers.

Powerful Task Manager

It is a normal thing for your Internet browser to become sluggish or non-responsive at some point of time. The only solution to this problem is restarting the browser. The problem in this solution is all tabs opened in your browser need to be closed, due to one non responsive tab and it can be time consuming and frustrating sometimes to open all tabs again. Such task can be a waste of time as the browser will take some time to load all tabs. Google Chrome users have the option of using Task Manager to close selected tabs or tabs that have become non responsive. Users can access Task Manger of Chrome Browser by navigating through menu – Tools -> Task Manager. Alternatively, you can also access task manager in Chrome browser by pressing key combination – Shift + Esc

Simplistic user interface

Google Chrome browser has one of the simplistic user interfaces. Chrome developers have tried to give the user, varied choices when it comes to what the user wants to hide and see while surfing the Internet using Google Chrome browser. The browser menu does not hog space and can be activated by right clicking on the tab. You also have the option of displaying or hiding bookmarks bar. If you do not like using mouse much and do most of your work using keyboard shortcuts, you will be happy to know about more than dozen keyboard shortcuts for Chrome browser.

Plentiful Add-ons

Add-ons can increase the functionality of your browser and can be quite convenient in doing different tasks related to working on computer or surfing the Internet. Some of the useful add-ons that you can install in your Google Chrome browser are Ad block which blocks automatic loading of ads embedded in WebPages and decreases loading time. Add-ons like pop-up blocker can save you from annoying tasks of closing browser windows that open automatically when you visit a specific site. Searching and installing add-ons in Google Chrome is quite easy. You need to visit the Chrome store and search different categories to find the add-on you need or use the search functionality in Chrome store to locate and install required add-on.

Offline Installer

Many times you will find the application executable file size is mere KBs. This signifies that you will need an active Internet connection to download the real application setup file. To avoid such a thing, you can choose to download an offline installer for Google Chrome that does not check or require an Internet connection during installation process.