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Google Maps Download For Free and Find Easy Ways to the Best Places in Town


GPS has not remained an exclusive technology for government’s use.

Today, you can find many an application taking advantages of GPS technology and making daily commuting or travelling through the cities easier. Google Maps also known as Maps is a useful Web mapping application offered by Google to Internet users. It is one of the default applications that come with Android OS. Google Maps is available across diverse OS platforms and can also be used through an Internet browser. With right settings on your Smartphone, you can use Google Maps and GPS technology for finding your way in a crowded city or reaching your destination by taking the shortest route.

Find your way

If you are a globe trotter then Google Maps is a must have application for your device. As the world gets closer and people get busier, it is right time to take help of technology to find our way in new city or town. I have always used Google Maps to find my way to the hotel or meeting place in a new city. Google Maps can prove useful even when you roam around in your own city. This amazing application/service can tell you about different routes or the shortest route to reach your destination thereby saving time or fuel if you are driving your own car.

Get exact distance and travelling time

Searching for any specific business or a restaurant in an area has never been easier. However, Google maps have simplified the task of locating any business or any place in your city or any city in the world. All you need to do is to key in your starting point or current location, your destination and Google Maps will show the route you need to take to reach your destination. The application also gives you information about different routes available to reach your destination along with distance and traveling time for every route. Once you select the route, you can view the exact driving directions in chronological order and the driving route on the map.

Save or print your traveling route

You don’t need a Google account to use Google Maps. However, having one can give you several advantages such as you can save the results and view it later or use them again whenever you need them. Google Maps also gives you an option to print the driving directions and route on map for easy reference while traveling. Alternatively, you can also send the Google Maps results in the form of a link. This feature can be of great use to help your friend or a loved one, who doesn’t have Google Maps on his/her phone.

Google Maps with active GPS tracking capability can show your position in real time even while on the move. Such advanced technology can be of great help to find your way in the city with no proper traveling directions. Google Maps does away with need to ask unknown people about traveling directions. The application makes you more self reliant and gives you confidence to move safely in any city in any country.