One of the easiest aspects to note on the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 includes the camera, its outstanding battery life and the optimized performance.

Moreover, the phone has been noted for its exceptional ability to connect to the available networks, even in the tightest of corners where other phones would struggle to pick up a signal. Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 enables you to communicate from anywhere, anytime. The Smartphone comes with these features but its pricing is remarkably friendly.

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Specifications at a Glance

• 5.2 inch display screen at 1280x720ppi
• 1.2GHz quad core QUALCOMM Snapdragon 400 processor
• An 8 GB storage capacity on the phone with a provision to increase it to 64 GB via the microSD.
• An 8MP rear camera which comes at 1080p FullHD video
• 1.9MP front camera at 1080p FullHD video
• 3G Wi-Fi 802.11, Wi-Di
• Bluetooth 4.0
• GPS with A-GPS
• 2600 mah battery
• Android 4.3 jelly Bean with Touch Wiz UI.

Appearance and Design

In terms of appearance, Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 comes with an enlarged display screen area. Perhaps this is a matching feature with the powerful front and rear camera which come with it. The overall profile of this model echoes that of the original Samsung Grand. Although the enlarged screen display has been boosted, it is not as conspicuous as the smaller bezels which many believe it gives the phone a better look. The matte on the model also helps make it look like a real premium model. Although the glass used on this model is not your regular Gorilla Glass surface, the type of glass used on this model does a pretty good job of protecting the phone from scratches that often make some phones look much older than they really are.

The downside of the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

If you are bound to use your phone in brightly light outdoor locations, you need to prepare to squint a little more. This model offers little visibility in bright sunlight.

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 comes with a better price tag compared to the earlier generation of Smartphones, which washed your pockets clean but left a bitter taste in your mouth because you often did not enjoy the features and high performance you may have expected. Many of these phones were simply over-advertised and deliberately over-rated.

The phone allows you to run an app in two windows simultaneously. The typical Samsung multi –window characteristic have been aided by the larger screen that the new model sports.

The Dual SIM Feature

The dual SIM support on the Samsung enables you to plan and manage your phone with ease. Moreover, the large screen provided on this model enables you to view your business and personal files with greater relish because they appear in larger sizes.

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