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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 + Gear Pricing and Specs forms a Power Couple

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes with the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, which actually forms a great combo.

You can use the smartphone for all heavy tasks and the small smartwatch for calls and other minor tasks, working out to be a powerful couple. The focus is more on the S Pen Stylus and the smartwatch, which some might consider as completely pointless. Yet, it is a cool accessory.

Focusing on Productivity

The Note 3 offers a big screen of 5.7” as part of its impressive specs and is big enough for browsing and watching videos, without being too unwieldy. The battery life is good, even for frequent users of Google+, Twitter and so on. The S Pen is a great bonus feature. There are no performance hitches, thanks to the Snapdragon 800 chip and the LTE is surely fast. The Snapdragon also enables games to run fast, offering you a natural feel while using on screen controls. The camera is a solid 13 mp one and has all the necessary software specifications for smooth functioning.

A Game Changer

The S Pen can be a game changer for this device. The pen is very appealing, slick and responsive. It is placed in an almost unnoticeable slot. As soon as you remove it, you come up with a menu of apps that are compatible with the stylus. Try out the Action Memo or take notes easily with the S Pen. The Action Memo is an interesting feature that changes handwriting into text. You can also convert your handwriting into contacts or emails, providing an easy and powerful tool. This feature can be really useful for reporters or for students and those who take a lot of notes.

Not Perfect?

Yet, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is not without its flaws. Photography in low light is a little blurred without good detailing. Nobody expects an imaging champion in a smartphone, but you need consistency. In addition, the commands that are driven by the eye and gestures are not too reliable either.

Stepping Back

The user interface has, however, taken a step back on this device. The WatchON App is useful for controlling the television through the IR blaster and can be easily set up. It offers smooth integration. But the drop down menu is a little crowded when you use WatchON, with too many apps. Of course, there are several options, but it can get a little overwhelming. The Air Gestures specs are cool, as they allow you to give commands without even touching the device, but not really functional. The eye tracking features are also not too useful on this device.

Galaxy Gear Price

The price for the Galaxy Gear is surely not justified. This is because, though it is a smartwatch, there are not too many apps available for watches, so you cannot use many of the apps like Instagram or Fourswquare on the Gear. You also cannot use the Gear for taking pictures, as the camera quality is very much lacking along with poor phone specs. There is not much of core functionality or device compatibility especially considering the price.

Cool Smartwatch

Users, however, found the Snooze alarm on the Gear rather a favorite feature. You can also receive messages and calls. It is a useful smartwatch, as you can use it for most of your activities that are not related to the Internet. You can check notifications on the weather and other such activities almost seamlessly. Taking pictures from a camera on your wrist is also quite cool and convenient. The battery life is excellent and the screen looks beautiful and is fast. It cannot be considered as a replacement for the phone, it’s only a smartwatch and an extension of the phone. You don’t need to dig into your pocket for each basic function.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Gear offers a cool experience. It is innovative and will surely appeal to those who don’t mind paying the additional price for the smartwatch. The technology is interesting and unique, with the phone being one among the smartest Android smartphones.