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Samsung Galaxy S4 Specs and Price Kicks Up the Competition


The new Samsung Galaxy S4 has a bigger and sharper screen than the S3 and also a bigger reach with several more carriers.

The smartphone boasts of a plethora of novel features and specs setting a new bar for its competitors that is quite difficult to surpass. The S4 has a larger screen than its predecessor, an upgraded processor and a 20% larger battery as well, but the increased capacity could well be taken up by the increased screen size.

The design has not changed much when compared to the S3, though there are some style improvements, with a sleeker, more elegant and clinical look. The screen size of 5” is bigger but it is fitted into a handset that is actually smaller than the previous model.

Finger Hovering Sensitivity

The new smartphone comes with an additional sensitivity for fingers hovering over the screen. It improves user interactivity by sensing the fingers when they hover above the screen, making some apps react. For instance, if the finger hovers above a mail list, the first few lines of an email are shown or the Gallery app expands its thumbnail.

Demarcating Lines

With the Samsung Galaxy S4, you can create demarcating lines between your personal life and your professional life. There is a dedicated tool for doing this, so that you can use the feature to separate your professional life from your personal one. For instance, you can fill one part with personal pictures and photographs and other related information.

Options for Navigation

You can use the tilt feature of the phone for scrolling up or down. The smartphone is able to sense when the user is looking at the screen and you can then tilt it either forward or backward for scrolling up and down.

Playing Videos

The video playing feature is also sensitive to the eye movement of the user. The S4 detects when the user is looking at the screen and it can start or stop the video play. For instance, if a video is playing and the user glances away, it will pause and if you focus on the screen again, it restarts. This is one step ahead of a previous feature in Galaxy phones, where the display used to be powered down if you turn your focus away, thereby leading to conservation of battery.

The Smart Pause feature is really a cool one and though many might think that it is just a gimmick and not really useful part of the specs (you can surely press pause while watching a video), it still turns out to be a boon, as you can turn your head to converse with your friend without fear of missing out a second, as it will literally be waiting for you to come back.

Smart Scrolling

You can now scroll through photographs or through various sites that you have opened on the phone, even without touching the device. The smartphone is enabled with a sensor allowing users to scroll to both sides, thereby making it easier to change from one side to another or go through songs. This feature can be quite useful while driving or while eating, so that you don’t have to touch the screen with sticky fingers. The smart scroll technology allows you to read content just by tilting the phone or by tilting your head that enables scrolling of the content when you reach the bottom of a web page that you are reading. If you just pass your hand over the phone in case it is on standby, it will wake up gently and show you the emails and calls and so on that you might have missed and then turns off again.

In short, the S4 is a beauty at its price, as it looks good and has a lot more to offer than many other previous models.