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Alternatives for Yahoo Messenger – Here’s The List of Best Free Apps to Download


As more free messaging and free calling apps become available today, the more Yahoo Messenger is slowly fading away into the shadows.

Newer apps have newer features that Yahoo Messenger lacks, and it seems that the company has no urgency to incorporate extra features to their own app. While it is still available and free to download, YM is nowhere near the top apps. Some people are guessing that it’s only a matter of time before Yahoo takes down its messenger that was once the most popular instant messaging app before smartphones and tablets were made popular.

While there are features of YM that we will miss, such as the IMvironments, games, and plug-ins, it’s still not so hard to bid the app farewell. People, whether they acknowledge it or not, enjoy riding a bandwagon, and messaging apps have managed to attract millions of smartphone and tablet users from all over the world with its free text messaging and voice calls. If you’re still using Yahoo Messenger, you might want to start looking for alternative apps in replacement for this app that’s starting to get unpopular with younger people. Here are some great alternatives for Yahoo Messenger that you should consider.

Skype and WhatsApp

Perhaps Yahoo Messenger’s greatest competitor, Skype is also known for voice calls, video calls, and instant messaging but it was able make a racket in just a short time after it was launched, and until now, Skype has managed to keep up with its competitors, something that YM has failed to do. WhatsApp is also giving YM a run for its own money. WhatsApp does not have voice or video calls, but its 450 million users don’t seem to mind. The app only offers instant messaging and voice messages but it has captured the attention of millions of users from across the world. If there’s one thing these two apps have in common it’s the simplicity of their interface. They both have an interface that’s simple and easy to navigate.

Viber, WeChat, and Line

These three apps are other strong competitors of Yahoo Messenger and each of them has its own following. All of them provide free voice calls and instant messaging. You can also participate in group chats and send photos and videos to any of your contacts. These apps are available to download on most platforms, all for free. With Viber you can choose to send stickers to your friends by downloading from their sticker market for free or for $2. Video calling is not available for this app, though. WeChat, on the other hand, offers it all. Its features also include games, sharing of location, voice messaging, and walkie talkie. Line is also similar to WeChat and has 350 million users in different parts of the world.

Other Options

There are more options that can replace Yahoo Messenger as your favorite messaging app. These are BBM, Tango, TextFree, Facebook Messenger, and iMessage. All of them offer similar features like the other mentioned apps but each is also different from one another. Needless to say, there are a lot of messaging apps available to download that can make you switch from YM easily, but your decision should still lie with your own preference.