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Why Should You Free Download WhatsApp Even after Zuckerberg’s Purchase?


Ever since Facebook announced its purchase of the messaging service, WhatsApp for $19 billion, internet analysts are still trying to make sense of the deal.

The deal comprises of $4 billion in cash, Facebook stock worth $12 billion, plus $3 billion restricted stock units to be paid out to the founders and employees in four years. This deal is the biggest acquisition the social network has made so far, way past its acquisition of Instagram at $1 billion. The social network has been giving past remarks of how they want to connect the entire planet as part of their 10-year plan, and apparently, the first step towards this goal is to acquire WhatsApp. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, said that WhatsApp will “clearly help accelerate our progress”, as they strive to connect the entire world. This is somewhat true, as WhatsApp free has 450 million users around the world, 70% of which are everyday active users, and has claimed that it’s adding 1 million of new users every day. Facebook has more or less paid for each active user at about $42. The app is also said to have 19 billion messages sent messages and 34 billion received messages per day.

Changes are coming

A lot of people have expressed their doubts and worries about this gigantic deal given Facebook’s history, especially when this acquisition happened after Google reportedly offered a $1 billion deal to WhatsApp a year ago. Analysts, reporters, and even WhatsApp users, have started speculating about the kind of changes Facebook will likely introduce to the messaging app. One of the biggest concerns these people have is whether the registration will require detailed personal information. At present, the only required information from users is their mobile number, which is much simpler compared to the social network’s information requirements. That’s unless, of course, if the social network giant will start incorporating this kind of requirement to WhatsApp users. Can you imagine having to register your full name, birthday, gender, status, or whatnot before using the app?

Yes to Advertisements?

Another major concern that has everyone worrying is advertisements. The company has continuously said that it will retain its no-advertisements zone on its messaging system. However, that statement was made way before any acquisition had been made. Some experts believe that Facebook has enough advertising revenues from its main app and website, but when WhatsApp is finally able to reach its goal of 1 billion users, we might be hear a different story.

Real-time Location

What if WhatsApp started adapting Facebook’s messaging features, specifically the real-time location? WhatsApp users are used to keeping a low profile when it comes to their whereabouts. Most people like keeping their location unknown to others. When this feature becomes available on WhatsApp, what would prevent users from switching to another free messaging app? One that is not privy of their whereabouts. Again, all of these are mere speculations, or worries at the very least, and we won’t get our peace of minds until the deal has closed and Facebook started making the changes themselves. Let’s just hope that none of them involves any of these speculations.