Google Maps is perhaps one of the most used tools by many because of the kind of merits it has to offer.

Even when you are going to a place for the first time and you have no clue about the roads, you can fall back on Google maps.
If you haven’t used maps before, here are some of the main features that it has to offer.

Easy To Access Maps

Recently, a massive update was rolled out and even more changes are going to be launched in the web-based version of Google maps. If you love to watch some of the best satellite and earth views, maps now have something really brilliant to offer you.
When you click on Google maps, simply click on “pegman” as it indicates earth view. You can drop the pegman on the places and you will be able to get the perfect street view that will allow you to visualize the different places. You can check out the landmarks in the adjacent areas and this setting is one of best ways of watching the real live view of the streets where you intend to travel.

Planning For the Events

If you have an upcoming event lined up that you do not want to miss, you can fall back on Google maps too. Simply search the museum, hall or the venue where the event is going to be held and you will find the list of the probable events. You can get the links and complete the registration process. An important point to note is that this feature is not applicable for movie theaters. So if you are looking to book tickets for your movie shows, you should try other alternatives.

The Best Directions

When you’re looking to find the right set of directions for a place, there is nothing better than Google maps for you. With the use of maps, you can find the right directions not just by road but by bus and train as well. Many a times, you need the finest directions not just by road, but you may be looking for public transit. Google maps has been designed to offer you both of these and choosing the finest public transit methods will help you out.

When You’re Headed to Multiple Places

If you want to find the right routes from one point to multiple places, you can do it easily with the new maps. You can add multiple destinations in the search box and Google maps will return the routes to pick. This is one of the ideal ways of finding the best route for heading to multiple places. When you have to go to multiple venues, having these directions can cut down on the time which would otherwise be incurred in finding the places.

It is because of Google maps that navigation has become really easy and you can reach almost anywhere in the world without having to bother about the roads to take and the ones to avoid. When you are travelling, Google Maps is must.

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