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Skype Free versus Skype Premium – Are Premium Features Worth Your Money?


Skype Free is one of the popular voice and video calling application available for Smartphone and desktop users.

Though many new applications are making their presence felt by gaining attention of Smartphone users, Skype Free has managed to hold on to its popularity. Thanks to the wide range of features and superior call quality that sets it apart from other communication applications. Skype Premium is a paid service where you get additional features that are not part of the Skype Free package. Let’s discuss common feature in both applications and the differences between them.

Common features in Skype Free and Skype Premium

Call any number in the world

Skype is a complete voice calling application and you can call any number in the world using your Skype application. Calling other Skype user’s costs you nothing but you will be required to pay some charges per minute to call landlines.


Skype is not just a voice calling app. It offers you wide variety of messaging capabilities. You can send simple text messages, voice messages, and video messages as well. The messaging features are useful if you cannot answer or participate in a video or voice call.


Skype allows you to share screen with other person you are communicating. It comes as an easy collaboration tool which can be useful to plan or work on things together. Sharing of screen gives the other user a clear idea about the things you want to say or show.

Sending files

Skype users can send files to other Skype users through same user interface. The application takes the sharing to next level by giving you the capability to send files to the person you are communicating with. This does away with the need for opening your mail client specifically to send files to other person.

Skype Premium exclusive features

Group communications

Skype Premium offers group sharing of screen which means you can share your screen in group conversations as well. With Skype premium installed on your phone or PC, you can talk to more than one person at a time. Skype allows you to communicate with around 25 people in group chats. You can initiate or participate in group chats or start or participate in group video calls. It doesn’t matter what OS or device other person is using. The only requirement for group chats or group screen sharing is every participant needs Skype application and an active Internet connection to get connected. The group communication feature is only available in Skype Premium.

No advertisements

Advertisements can be distracting and may hamper your communication experience. Skype Premium account holders do not see advertisements at the bottom section of their user interface.

There is no doubt Skype is an advanced communication tool that can be useful for personal and business communication. The premium features are more useful for commercial establishments and businesses as the group meeting and screen sharing capabilities can be used to hold virtual conferences. Regular users are less likely to benefit from premium features as you have several free applications for screen sharing and group communication.