Looking for a free calling app for your Smartphone?

You have many choices when it comes to free calling apps using VoIP technology. However, only few applications have been able to gain attention of Smartphone users. Viber and Skype are some of the best voice calling apps that allows you to call person living in a foreign country for free. The only condition is that he should have the same app on his/her Smartphone. Let’s take a look at a bundle of features each application has.


Viber is available for diverse OS platforms which includes Android, Windows, iOS, Bada, and Blackberry. This comes across as a great advantage as you can call almost every Smartphone in the world which has Viber installed. Developers of Viber has also introduced a desktop version of Viber which gives you the ability to call a PC user having Viber desktop application installed. The popularity of Viber is mainly due to the wide range of communication capabilities it presents. You can send text messages, share pictures, and make calls using Viber application.


Skype application for Smartphone offers diverse communication abilities to the user. With Skype installed on your phone, you can call, send text messages and also make a video call to another person using Skype application. Skype is also available for desktop users.

While there are several similarities in both applications, the user experience for both applications differs helping one application to stand out.

Factors that make them different

Cheaper calling rates

Viber and Skype allow their users to call people outside their network. While calling people using similar application is totally free, Skype users have to pay more in comparison when calling landlines, or mobile users. Calling an international number from Viber is considered to be 300 times cheaper than using Skype to call an international number.

Ease of use

Skype still requires the user to key in login credentials before using the application. Entering login information on a small screen can be a tedious task and hampers user experience significantly. Viber does not require you to enter a username as your phone number is your unique identification and username.

Data consumption

With every application using some part of your data plan, you need to be careful about applications that are data hungry. Though, voice calls from Skype and Viber are free, both have some hidden costs as they use some share of your data plan. A Viber call consumes 250KB of data per minute while data usage for Skype call is bit higher in comparison due to superior quality of calls. if you have a limited data plan, consider what is important for you – the quality of the call or data consumption per minute.


Viber is a true mobile application while Skye was initially developed as a PC application. Using Viber on Smartphone is quite easy while using Skype on Smartphone does not provide a rich experience.


Since there is no clear winner your preferred calling application greatly depends on your wish list and what holds more importance to you. If you are looking to save on costs and good user experience, Viber is the calling application for you. If you want superior quality calls, you should go in for Skype.

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