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Download Free Instagram for PC and Learn How to Get Started and Have Fun

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Instagram is a social networking site with a difference.

If you want to share photos and videos with friends, this is the networking site for you. You can download it for free from the Apple Apps Store or from Google Play. Among all free apps, Instagram is probably the most sought after app in the mobile world.

In 2010, two individuals by the names of Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom created Instagram and it became an instant success. An astounding hundred million users in 2012 made a company like Facebook sit up and take notice.

Instagram was recently bought by Facebook for a staggering sum of one billion dollars. The fact that you can share photos and videos across many platforms through Instagram made it very appealing to Facebook and to the people at large. This integration of Facebook and Instagram has made a huge difference to the way people view Facebook now. It has given Facebook a tremendous advantage.

Getting Started with Instagram

You can download Instagram and set it up as an app on your mobile device in minutes. Most smart phones use the android operating system or IOS and this is compatible with using Instagram. You can even set it up on your PC as it works well with Windows and Mac.

Using Instagram on your mobile can be very exciting. In fact, many users feel that it is the best social networking app.

Applying Digital Filters

Instagram allows you to create square photos. You can apply a variety of digital filters to make your photos appear very professional. With Instagram filters, sharing professional looking images is a breeze.

You can choose with whom you want to share your images and videos. By default, these images are shared with all users of Instagram. However, if you make your photos and videos ‘private’, only those who ‘follow’ you will be able to see your photos and videos. Hence, you need not worry about your privacy.

You can even print your photos. This is possible as all your photos are in sync with your camera and your Instagram account. They are saved to your account and hence printing them becomes an easy task.

Videos on Instagram

Instagram allows you to make short fifteen second videos and then you can upload them to your account. You can even edit your videos to make them look professional. This is great as you can make videos on the move.

This is a great mobile app because it is perfect for sharing images and short videos directly from your mobile device. Lots of people use Instagram to share events happening around them.

Great Potential

Instagram has tremendous potential for online businesses. In fact, it has great potential as an advertizing tool for even offline businesses. There is a saying that a picture says a thousand words. This is exemplified in this amazing app.
You will be able to reach millions of potential customers as your images and videos can be shared with millions of Instagram users. This is particularly beneficial for business startups. Even large private companies and corporations use Facebook integrated with Instagram.