It’s been quite some time since Nexus 4 was launched and despite the fact that it’s been a long time since the model was released in the market, it remains pretty popular even today.

If you want to make sure that you are making the right buying decision, you need to make an overview of the top feature and the main specifications that Nexus 4 has to offer.

The Technical Details

With a 4.7 inches screen, the Nexus 4 is definitely one of the trendiest Smartphone in the market. When it was first released, it created quite a stir, as it was instantly loved by one and all. Google does bring something extra on the table and users all over the world were attracted by the smart finishing and the polished look of the phone.

It runs on 1.5 GHz processor and the capacity of RAM is 2 GB that makes this phone an extremely impressive deal. The technical specifications of the phone are actually quite decent and you are not going to face nay issues even if you are one of those who love doing too many things at a time.

The Price Erosion

At 239 pounds, the Nexus 4 took the world by storm. It was an instant rage in the market as innumerable people wanted to hold the phone that was quickly being dubbed as the smartest the world has seen. It didn’t manage to live up to the tag of the smartest Smartphone. However, one cannot refute the fact that it manages to be one of those phones that can really help the users in enjoying the ultimate experience.

For Those Who Love Google

If you are one of those who love Google, you are going to go berserk over this Smartphone. With this phone, Google ultimately managed to land the big punch in the field of Smartphone. You really cannot complain much about the features. It was the attractive looks of the phone that made it a complete killer.

The finishing and the edges have been done with precision. The camera is slightly disappointing as people were expecting better clarity of images. Even the video output isn’t as promising as people thought it to be.

What really upset the tremendous popularity of Nexus 4 were the battery issues. Too many users complained that the batter performance is poor and some went on to suggest buying a spare battery as a necessary accessory when you are using this phone.
Regardless of the merits and the demerits, one can safely say that Nexus 4 did turn out to be a revolution in the field of Smartphone. It has its own set of specifications and the promising features ensured that people loved it. The overall reviews that turned out were impressive and the phone could be safely dubbed to be successful.

The subsequent models that were launched kept improving the specifications; however, Nexus 4 can still be found in the market that in itself is a proof of how robust the phone truly is.

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