Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is the successor to the original Galaxy Grand, with a 5.2 inches HD display, a resolution of 1280 x 720 p and aspect ration of 16:9.

The screen is bigger than the original, with the bezels becoming a little smaller. The look is a little plastic, but matte rather than glossy. Samsung has made many improvements on the successor with the Qualcomm Snapdragon of 4000 1.2 GHz and a 1.5GB RAM for powering the device, which is sufficient for multitasking. It also has 8GB of storage that is upgradeable, as you can add up to a limit of 64 GB by using the micro SD card.

Smooth User Experience

The hardware offers a better user experience with all the usual features found in premium devices from Samsung. You have the S Voice Assistant, the hands free mode, the Group Play and a Multi Window and so on. The dual SIM manager also allows you to receive calls from the second SIM even when a call is going on.

Interesting Features

Some of the widgets are the Flipboard, the Samsung Hub, and the Story Album. MyMagazine is an interesting grid of articles from the web, rather like the Buzzfeed feature found in HTC. You can adjust the article categories; add social feeds, photos or videos from your phone and so on. S Voice is Samsung’s reply to Siri and can be accessed from the home button and you can just say ‘ Hi Galaxy’ before giving it voice commands.

Customized Touches

Some of the new customized touches are the notification shade having toggle buttons for GPS and Bluetooth as well as Wi Fi and Power Saving. With the task manager view, you can kill all apps just with one tap or launch Google Now. The autocorrect feature learns on the basis of your habits offering a Swype clone in case of gesture based typing. All app icons have been tweaked a bit and the animation is simple.

Multi Window

Though there is no support for the S pen in this device, there are other positive features, such as the multi window that allows you to split the screen for running two apps at the same time. This may not, however, work in case of all apps, but it is surely a convenient feature. For instance, you can save a combination of applications and then launch them at the same time.

The Bad

One of the disappointing aspects of this device is that legibility in sunlight is extremely poor. It does not have a Gorilla Glass on the surface, though it is scratch resistant. On another note, there is no USB host for connecting flash drives, which can be a disappointment for some users. It also does not offer LTE compatibility.

In short, the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 has brought in a slightly bigger screen, with the overall profile being the same as the Galaxy Grand original. The performance has been boosted when compared to its predecessor. At the price, it is an excellent phone for those who want a global brand. In fact, the Galaxy Grand 2 offers a perfect example of the progress made in technology during the past few years. You can get a lot of specifications and features that are matching with the flagship phone of a few years ago at half the price, making this device a true winner.

Technology Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Specs and Price – Successor Bringing in Success