When Microsoft introduced the Surface tablet running Windows 8, the company definitely had one thing in mind.

They wanted to increase productivity on the move without having to carry a bulky device with oneself and also had the idea that users should be able to use tools that they are used to. While Windows operating system will ensure that people stay in familiar territory, the tablet was a welcome change and with Surface Pro 2, the company has outdone themselves in several areas.

Instead of having to drag a laptop along, you can actually get jobs done on the go because of what the tablet provides. It is more than a tablet but less than a laptop in terms of weight or size. The unique combo ensures that productivity is not lost in the lurch and users have access to all their applications including the newest apps that are touch-friendly. Some of the features that help the product standard apart from a conventional laptop are,

Touch Based Tasks

Instead of having to use the keyboard every time which is unnecessary when the screen itself is touch friendly, users can choose to use the Surface Pro 2 tablet directly to get a variety of tasks done. It includes checking e-mail, editing documents by using a stylus and even altering photos on the move. Doing them all, using a finger, is not the best idea. This is why the company introduced the concept of a Stylus on a capacitive touch screen that changed the game.

Battery Life

Compared to a laptop, the Surface Pro 2 is capable of delivering better battery life. It can last for hours without giving up because of the device’s architecture. It uses a smart phone like programming architecture that consumes the least power thus generating increased battery life even though the product is actually powered by an Intel i5 processor. The power efficient processor is exceptionally quick when it comes to multi taking but it doesn’t compromise on the battery as ultrabooks or laptops do.

Software Based Key Covers

The most frequently used keys on Microsoft Office applications are seamlessly integrated onto the touch friendly keyboard cover. The accessory, which is available separately, is designed to increase productivity and make the tablet into the ultimate business tool that professionals were asking for so long. The Surface Pro 2 Pen, which is another important accessory, makes it easy to sign documents digitally with individual handwriting and mark up presentations on the fly.


For the convenience of users, Apps are available for users on a laptop and PC as well with Windows 8 operating system. While it is done to provide value for users, these apps are designed to work with a touch screen and are not the best fit for a mouse click. The Surface 2 tablet makes it easy to use those apps. This saves plenty of time spent in browsers and allows users to create spreadsheets, check bank accounts, or view pictures with a single touch. It eliminates the need to open Windows applications as found in traditional laptops and makes it snappier.

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