The game that was released over a year ago is now waiting for a new update, the title update 14 that gamers have been expecting for long.

The update for Minecraft Xbox 360 has great potential to completely alter the game play features and make it more engaging than ever before. This is because it will have additional items, features and new places to explore that will bring about a change to the Minecraft universe.

Gamers have been waiting for long to have a new mode that will be interesting and offer something innovative. As creativity and lateral thinking matters a lot in creating the world, the upcoming Adventure mode will be a great addition. It is designed to allow players to explore the creation of other people but not alter or destroy them. The mode will restrict every player and one will not be able to destroy any wall or building unless they have the right tool.

NPC Villagers & Trading

This is another update that Minecraft Xbox 360 players are expecting ever since it got released on the PC version. The console versions came after when 4J Studios became the developer. This is why most updates land on PC first before they are transferred to other platforms. The wait has finally come to an end because the developers have officially confirmed that TU14 is undergoing at a brisk pace and there are no hurdles in its development cycle.

Players will receive the update once Microsoft approves the testing process. It was an answer given to a player who wanted to know how soon they can expect the update to land and whether it is going good as expected. The new improvement will bring about the trading system with NPC villagers. They cannot be interacted with except when using the trading interface.

User Friendly Interface

The upcoming interfaces are plenty including the ones designated for player customization, trading, anvil repair and item inventory interface. With nearly four interfaces about to land, 4J Studios confirmed that they are indeed focused on making them as user friendly as possible. The company revealed teaser images which are detailed screenshots of specific interface that gave an in-depth idea to players. The developers also indirectly confirmed that it would be accessible in four-player split screen matches by releasing each interface in one of the four segments.

The revamped user interface released on Twitter was also the time when 4J Studios revealed that City Texture pack is in the cards as well. The company hasn’t confirmed a release date for Minecraft Xbox 360 TU14 update as well as Xbox One version but it is not far. Based on their frequent updates and active participation in social networking platform, it is easily evident that they are indeed busy working on the upcoming game as well as the update. It will soon be released on respective platforms. A list of bugs and issues has also been fixed which will be part of the bundle when title update 14 lands for Xbox 360 console.

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