Chromecast is a popular streaming media device from Google that can play digital content from the Internet directly on your HDTV.

That is not all; it also has the capability to stream content stored on your laptop, desktop or Smartphone to your HDTV where you can enjoy it on big screen. This amazingly small device is ready to change the way you watch digital content.

Bring In the Freedom

Chromecast gives you the freedom of watching content on big screen, no matter what the source is. The device connects to the Internet using your Wi-Fi network and lets you view digital content available on websites such as YouTube, Netflix, Google Music and Google Movies and TV. The list of compatible digital content websites is likely to grow exponentially as Chromecast gets popular.

Freedom from Remote

Remotes have been invincible part of home theater setup and almost every audio video device has a separate remote control to access different functions of the device. Chromecast is all set to change that, as you will be no more dependent on the remote to access different functionality of the device. The device has been designed to work with smartphones. Using the Smartphone App you can access and stream digital content stored from the Internet or digital content stored in your devices (Laptop, Desktop, and Smartphone) directly to HDTV. You are not required to set up individual connections between HDTV and devices to enjoy the content stored in devices on big screen.

Plug In and Play

Unlike other media streaming devices that look like a box and occupy some place in the room or near your HDTV, Chromecast is available in the form of USB storage device that you can directly plug in to HDTV’s HDMI port. There is no dangling wires problem when you opt for Chromecast.

Bountiful of Apps

You can find several apps for Chromecast at Google Play store. Some of the popular Chromecast apps are Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO GO, Red Bull TV, Pandora, VEVO, Google Music, Google Movies, and TV.

Ease of Use

You don’t need to be a geek to operate Chromecast. Setting up this device is quite easy. You will be happy to know playing content on your HDTV directly from the Internet is also simple. All you need to do is install different Chromecast apps on your Smartphone and run them. Using the app select the content, you want to see and play it on your Smartphone. Chromecast will automatically stream the content playing on your Smartphone to your HDTV. You can see almost any content from the Internet on your HDTV because Chromecast can also stream content played in your browser that means you can now watch images, videos and almost anything displayed in your browser on a big screen.

Google has priced Chromecast extremely low; you can buy it for $35 only. This may comes as a surprise for many as Apple TV and Roku are priced over $100. The future of Chromecast seems bright as digital media is coming off age and easy availability will only make streaming media devices popular. It will not be wrong to say Chromecast and HDTV will rule the digital entertainment world in coming years.

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