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The Fallout 4 Download Update – A Word on the Release Date

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Fallout developers appear to have revisited the same old techniques of raising expectation of the fans while carefully gauging their reactions.

 A rumor began to spread concerning an imminent launch of a new game version. The Fallout fans kept talking about an imminent update of a mysterious game on a mysterious site named Survivor 2299. The originators of the rumor were careful to ensure that only the slightest subtle hints were dropped in the piece of literature. Yet still, although the post on the mysterious site did not directly invoke Bethesda Softworks, it was fairly clear in the rumor that there was going to be a release of some game or other in the near future. Bethesda is the brains behind Fallout games.

A Marketing Gimmick

The fans know better than to dismiss such a rumor. Gaming companies have traditionally used this strategy to lay a basis, a foundational platform for launching of game updates and new games. The strategy seems to pay dividend as many companies do not seem to be keen on dropping it any time soon. It turned out that indeed the mysterious site was a viral marketing outfit meant to publicize the forthcoming release of Fallout 4 update. The developers of such marketing strategies understand the insightful nature of gamers.

Consequently, they take advantage of their background knowledge to play around with your minds. The fact that there was such a widespread rumor about the imminent release of a Fallout version going around without a comment from the horse’s mouth was telling.

The marketing gimmick culminated in the appearance of the classic song by Rick Astley:

“Never Gonna Give You Up” paired with the title, “that’s it Tunnel Snakes”.’ The question on everyone’s lips at this point is how the legend’s song was going to be used in the anticipated Fallout 4 release. The expectation for the release of the game was now a common sense instinct. The signs had become all too obvious.

Deviating From the Norm

The concerns on the roll of Rick Astley’s song in the forthcoming release were born of the fact that Fallout was not given to music from the recent day. All the music used in the previous Fallout series was imported from the annals of history. It was a tradition that only the music from the 50s would serve the purpose of the game. The clue was a strong indication that Fallout may be aiming at shifting in style and appeal. Inevitably, rumors began to emerge in an attempt to explain the sudden turn of events by the brains behind Fallout. Some speculation has milled around about the prospect of Rick Astley being the survivor in the game. By the year 2299, the survivor would be 333 years old.

The Mark of the Beast

A closer scrutiny at this number reveals a chilling fact that Mr. Astley will be half the number of the Biblical Beast as prophesied in Proverbs, one of the chapters of the Christian Holy Book. Such questions as to how the legendary artist (survivor) managed to live so long suffice. Of course there will be speculative answers in the same measure. Only the awaited download will really answer and fulfill the insatiable appetite for explanations.