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Flappy Bird No More – Download the Free Copycats Instead


It’s been weeks since Flappy Bird was taken down by no less than its own creator, Dong Nguyen, and still, fans remain clueless to the real reason why.

Why would someone delete a game he created that had been a successful hit to the people? A free app, if truth be told, that’s estimated to collect as much as $50,000 a day from its ads, although the developer has not confirmed this. When it was announced that the game is going to be taken down, initial speculations about whether Nguyen received threats from Nintendo due to copyrights violations started going around.

Nguyen denied this and Nintendo had already released a statement denying that they launched a legal claim on Flappy Bird that resulted to its removal from the App Store and Google Play Store. In a recent interview with Forbes, Nguyen has revealed the real reason why he decided to take down his most popular game from the stores. According to the developer, the game had become so addictive that he decided to remove it altogether. He also made it clear that the game is not making a comeback, although he did promise to continue creating games.

Infuriated and Desperate Fans

Flappy Bird can still be played if you have already downloaded the game before it was taken down. However, for people who were not so quick to jump on the hype, Flappy Bird will remain a mystery. There’s still hope, though. Smartphones and tablets that have the game already installed are being sold on EBay today, with the price ranging from $300 to $5,000. Yes, people are that desperate to ride on the popularity of the game, but some people are even more desperate to get the chance of owning the now-defunct popular game that they’re willing to spend more than what could have been unnecessary. Flappy Bird, when it was still available, was free to download. Do you want to hear something crazier than that? Fans of the game have actually threatened Nguyen for killing the game. Threatening tweets were sent to the developer after he made the announcement of removing the game. Insane fans, they are.

Copycats of Flappy Bird

Ever since Flappy Bird was removed from the App Store and Google Play Store, copycats have started sprouting from out of nowhere hoping that they get at least a small portion of the game’s popularity. Out of the many imitations, the most popular copycats include Ironpants, Flappy Wings, and Splashy Fish. The options are endless and they seem to state the obvious, which is that Flappy Bird is now known as a new “genre” of a game. Flappy Bird is a self-explanatory, simple game yet it has captured the attention of millions of people from around the world. It is so unbelievably hard that it’s impossible to put it down. The obsession that was created around the game looks like it’s here to stay, and until a new addictive game becomes popular, Flappy Bird will continue to be a hot topic among its millions of users.