Developers 4J Studios revealed in a Twitter release the new interfaces that players can expect with the upcoming Title Update 14 for the Minecraft Xbox 360 version.

The Studio is efficiently handling all the console ports for the game including the Pocket Edition that has seen some significant updates as well. They are also working on a next gen version for Xbox One that is expected to launch along with all the features found in the TU14.

When they announced that new screenshots of interfaces will be revealed a week earlier, players hardly expected them to bring it out in unique style. While many were expecting some images, it was rather released in the form of a four player split screen co-op style, confirming those features in the Minecraft game. One doesn’t need to go online to experience competing with other gamers but can rather play with their friends, with the comfort of their couch.

Interfaces Revealed

The four-player co-op screen shown on Twitter revealed four different interfaces, each one of them designed for a specific purpose. They are the creative interface, anvil repair interface, inventory, and a trading interface. Each one of them is significant in their own way. The good news is the split screen image showcased that every player will be able to access a different interface, without being hurdled by what others are doing on-screen.

This allows further customization. This lets players do as they like while playing in co-op mode. The trading is considered very useful because it finally allows them to get hold of a precious stone, the Emeralds. It will be a new addition for the entire game and comes as one of those items hard to find around in the world. Minecraft Xbox 360 version will also get the anvil that PC players have been enjoying for so long using which one can repair items as well as combine enchantments.

Creative Interface

One of the screens from the teaser images released by 4J Studios revealed a creative interface where villager customization was shown. It clearly indicated a list of items available in the inventor with some new additions as well. Ardent gamers deduce that the new villager UI will bring tanned wolf varying collar colors. Minecraft Xbox 360 players will now get the choice to switch colors on the go like PC players do and even anticipate whether Kinect will play a role in the future of this title. It has so much potential to make the game more engaging. Other anticipated items even though not confirmed are horses and beacons.

Some of them expect it to be part of the TU14 release but if 1.3.1 equivalent of PC is what the developers are working on, there will be no horses this time around. Rather it will be Piggyback riding on a pig while using the carrot on a stick feature. Food items such as potatoes and baked potatoes will be introduced with the upcoming title update as well which will be used to breed pigs and consumption.

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