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Yahoo Messenger – Download These Free Apps Instead


Communication is an important aspect in someone’s life.

Without it, the world just won’t be right. Fortunately, there are countless of ways that allow us to better communicate with people in our lives. Yahoo Messenger and Skype are two pioneers of messaging services and have been used by many individuals over the years. Before free apps such as Viber, BBM, WhatsApp, and Line were created, Skype and Yahoo Messenger were the bombs back then.

For a while, Yahoo Messenger (YM) was the leading messaging service that everyone was using. It set the bar high for other companies offering the same kind of service. Several years ago, when you talked about Instant Messaging, Yahoo Messenger is the top of the list. Everyone with a desktop and internet connection back then had YM installed. It had instantly become everyone’s favorite tool of communication. Even now that it has its app version which is free to download, YM stills deliver the same service as before. However, things and the game have changed for the past few years. The competition these days is tougher than ever what with several other apps come up with their own features that YM is currently having a hard time keeping up with.

Skype is better than YM

Before other apps were made, YM had a strong competitor in Skype. As soon as Skype was launched, people started flocking towards it, in the hopes that it brings something more than what Yahoo Messenger was offering at the time. And they were not disappointed. Skype was like the shiny new toy and everyone wanted to try it out. It didn’t take long to experience the differences between the two apps with Skype coming out as the victor. Even though Yahoo Messenger has a long history of voice chatting, Skype gets the edge because it gives better clarity when it comes to voice calls. The same thing can be said with video calling as well. The video call from Skype has better quality than with YM. Yahoo Messenger might be able to deliver you a good service with the desktop version, but with the mobile version, Skype is the better choice.

Other Choices

The mobile version of Yahoo Messenger also has some technical glitches. Report of crashes is already considered as a common occurrence with the app. Of course, no one wants to stick to an app that continuously crashes and has glitches, especially when there are other options available that are capable of performing well without the glitches. WhatsApp and Viber are getting the buzz these days, as millions of people use these free apps as their replacement for Yahoo Messenger. Yahoo is yet to show interest in updating their messenger service before it can fully compete with the more popular apps. Until that day arrives, users of smartphones and tablets better stick to apps that are also free to download but will give them a better service, something that we haven’t seen from Yahoo Messengers since its peak, some popular years ago.