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Free Download Of Temple Run on PC vs Mobile – A Honest Comparison


Who would forget about the game that started it all for the endless running genre?

After its success, Temple Run left a big door of opportunity in its wake that other developers took advantage of. Different games with the same style and concept are spreading like wildfire. Some are able to step out of the shadows of Temple Run, while many fail to make an impression. Fans of the original game remain loyal, though. And when a second version was released, many still took the time to download it on their device to get a taste of what the newer version had to offer.

Temple Run 2 may or may not live up to your expectations, but there’s no denying the fact that this game and its predecessor will always have a place in the hearts of millions of people. A proof of this is the fact that a lot of people want to download Temple Run on PC. Yes, there is a way to play this exciting app on your desktop with the full experience. Others, though, would prefer playing the app on their mobile phones. Let’s see the differences of playing the game between these two platforms.

Playing Temple Run on PC

If you have your own PC, there’s no need to get a smartphone or a tablet to run different Android apps, if you don’t have one, so playing on PC is cost-effective. Say, you do have the said devices and still want to be able to play using your computer. Why? Maybe because the scenario is this: you’re in the office, you can’t take any more numbers or data or whatever it is that you do, and you want to take a small break to clear your mind. You need Temple Run to relax, but you can’t just take your iPhone out and start playing. No problem, download the game for free and play it from your desktop. No one will suspect you of playing if you have your eyes locked on the monitor.

Playing Temple Run on Your Mobile

Having Temple Run in your device is more convenient than downloading it on your PC. No matter where you go, whether you’re just lying around in your home, in the train on your way to wherever, or even in the bathroom, playing Temple Run is as easy as pulling out your phone from your pocket. It’s literally that simple, there’s no need to start up the computer and wait for it to start running. The best thing about mobile phones is that you can bring it with you anywhere you want, and using it is so hassle-free. It’s smaller than any computer so there’s no point lugging bigger and heavier gadgets around. You must also remember that Temple Run is made to run on these devices, so to get the full experience of the game, you need to play it on supported devices. The controls are different from PC. How are you going to enjoy tilting your phone at the right angle when you only have the arrow keys to change the direction of your character? That’s not the full essence of the game.