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Gmail – Learn How to Download and Maximize Your Mailing Experience for Free


You have multiple options for email platforms today that are free and will provide you a great service.

One of the top options is Gmail, this is a free email service that has lots of great features and will provide you with a dedicated email that works well. There are many features that you want to take advantage so that you can maximize your email experience. Here are a few of those features that you want to be aware of to make Gmail the easiest interface that you have used. Once you take advantage of these, you will understand how great of a platform this will be for your online mail needs.

Choose Colors for Emails

You can label your emails by colors. This would be comparable to filing letters or regular mail away into folders, but it is extremely versatile this way. You can even file the messages into multiple folders if you need to. So, if you want to prioritize emails, color-code them, it will make it extremely easy for you.

Email from Your Phone

With your Gmail account, you can send email from your phone. Download the free application onto your smartphone and set up your account. This way, if you are out of the office or away from home and have a dire email to respond to, no one has to wait.

Use the Chat Feature

Gmail has a built in chat that integrates with your emails and friends. You can see who is online and physically chat with them or video chat if they have that feature. This allows for a communication that is instant instead of waiting for that email response.

Keyboard Shortcuts save Time

If you truly send a lot of email, you need to use keyboard shortcuts. Give your hand a break from clicking that mouse and memorize the shortcuts available on your keyboard.

Use the Search Feature

If your inbox looks like most people’s it fills up quickly. Finding that message that you want to read can be difficult. However, Gmail has a great search feature that makes it so easy to find that email you were looking for.

Star Your Important Messages

If you have a message, you need to read but don’t have time, mark it for later with a star. This may include emails with directions, ones that have a confirmation for a plane ticket or reservation, or something similar.

Archive Old Messages

Afraid to throw a message away? You don’t have to. For storage, Gmail allows you to archive your old messages so that they don’t take up space. This way, you aren’t going to panic about what you are tossing.

Have Your Gmail Attach To Your Email Client

If you are a fan of that email program that is a client through your work or desktop computer, you can still do that. Your Gmail can connect to this and forward all emails that you have. So, if you don’t want to give this email out to everyone, you can give it out to who you want and have it forwarded into what you want.