iPad Mini 2 is one of the most successful tablets by Apple. Often people have been questioning as to whether it makes sense to buy iPad Mini 2 after the launch of new iPad Air.

If you are looking to come to the right decision, you need to make sure that you are aware of what iPad Mini 2 has to offer, the main specs, the features offered and then weigh the price tag accordingly.

The Top Highlights of iPad Mini 2

Here are some of the most impressive specifications that you are sure to enjoy when you are buying iPad Mini 2. While you should not expect the brilliance of iPad Air, iPad Mini 2 does come with its own set of some really impressive features.

Love the Pictures You See

When you’re looking at the different pictures on your iPad Mini 2, you are going to be mesmerized with what this model has to offer. You will be blown by the brilliance of the retina screen and the pictures truly come to life. The eclectic blend of beautiful colors and the vibrancy of the pictures are sure to help you enjoy your time. Even when you are watching the videos on your iPad Mini 2, you will cherish the high definition display that you are going to get.

For those who love to enjoy movies and pictures, iPad Mini 2 is definitely one of the smart choices for you. However, when you compare the same with iPad Air, you can’t get the same display as you have asked for.

Camera Clarity

When it comes to the camera and the clarity offered by iPad Mini 2, the pictures you can take are clear, crisp and perfect. There are various filters that you can use and each one of them will help you get some of the finest shots. Apple iPad Mini 2 comes with a 5 megapixels camera and the video resolution is extremely impressive.

The Processor Performance

This iPad model works on Apple A7 dual core processor which is for 64 bit. The RAM offered for the device is 1 GB and the strong working of the processor ensures that you will be able to multitask with ease. It also comes with M7 motion configuration and you won’t have much to complain, when you are using this device.

The Final Words

Overall, iPad Mini 2 is one of the top choices for those who would love a smart Apple product at the right price. It comes at a starting cost of $399 and as you choose higher configuration with improved memory storage, the price will keep shooting higher.

If you will compare iPad Mini 2 with iPad Air, the comparison is not going to be just because iPad Air is by far much superior but then it comes with a larger price tag as well. Should you have a smaller budget, you should check out iPad Mini 2 as it is a pretty impressive option for you. The price and the specs make it a good deal.

Technology iPad Mini 2 – Undoubtedly, the Specs Make Up for the Price