Apple breaks the ties with Gorilla Gass manufacturer, using instead screens of sapphire coating, GT Advanced products. Apparently, the changing is worth making, since the Cupertino company prefers to pay 3 times more for sapphire screens and even postpone the release of iPhone 6.

Attracted a $578 million contract in exchange for which Apple has received access to advanced technologies that allow incorporation sapphire in its products, GT Advanced Technologies will earn from the Apple products still 500-700 million in the next six months. The exact number of sapphire coated panels ready for delivery in next period is not known yet, but certainly the number is insufficient to enable the launch of the iPhone 6 in May, as were given to understand the latest rumors. Rather, we get acquainted with the iPhone 6 in September, two years after Apple introduced us the iPhone 5 model.

Praised for exceptional hardness, artificially sapphire deposited on ordinary glass surfaces provides excellent protection from scratches and scuffs. Besides its visual aspect, the sapphire is praised for thermal conductivity of metals. Even applied to the outside casing of the iPhone 6, the material could help at more efficient cooling of electronic components inside, increasing the performance.

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