Whenever a new console is launched, it is delightful news for avid gamers who can experience their favorite titles in better graphics and newer features.

While better graphics is not something that is associated with the game, the upcoming Minecraft PS4 edition is definitely going to bring in multiple features. The game will be launched with the title update 14 included with it and will have all the new food items, temples, anvil besides others that are already part of the PC version.

4J studios, the technical team behind this console port released some teaser screenshots of the PS4 version of the game that confirmed that TU14 is indeed the equivalent of the PC 1.3.1 update and will have all the features as promised earlier. The studio is also gearing up to release a fresh set of new images this week which is expected to reveal the new interfaces they have planned. Handling four different consoles at the same time is not an easy task but developers 4J studios are doing it efficiently and the launch is imminent.

Exploration Redefined With Temples

The adventurer in you will definitely have plenty of new things to do in the Minecraft PS4 version because the temples offer more than you could ask for. There will be two different types of temples available in the game. The desert temple is another name for a pyramid that as most expect will have treasure chests to loot. At the same time, players should take extreme precaution when solving puzzles. A single wrong step could trigger the tripwire hooks and it might lead to being smothered with a volley or arrows or deadly potions being sprayed upon. The adventure aspect is further redefined with jungle temples as well. This will offer loots for the erudite player who can successfully cross those traps and open them.

Crafting Items

The anvil is a notable feature that will be part of the TU14 release on PS3 platform. Minecraft PS4 players are on the better side because they will have access to anvil interface right from the start. The team has confirmed that the edition will not have too bugs or glitches which was bit of a trouble in the previous generation consoles. The game has been built almost from scratch and this makes it easier to make the PS4 problem-free. It will offer a seamless game play experience as intended by the developers. A screenshot of the anvil-crafting interface is also expected to be released this week as 4J Studios confirmed in their Twitter conversation. The interface is expected to be simple and easy to use for console gamers who use controllers rather than a mouse and keyboard that is common among PC Players.

The list of features, which will be found by default on Minecraft PS4 edition, is quite huge because it will include all the updates released on consoles and PC earlier besides the latest Title Update 14 as well. Some of them are carpets, emeralds, cobblestone walls, potatoes, baked potatoes among many others.

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