The upcoming update, titled the TU14 offers plenty of reasons for players to get excited because it will make the game more engaging with tons of new features.

While the game got released nearly a year ago, it receives updates only now and then so as to cope up with the PC version of the title. The developers 4J Studios has promised that this will no longer be the case because the game is about to change. The next gen version for the Xbox One console is being readied as well which ensures that players will have plenty to look forward to in the coming weeks. An official release date is yet to be announced by the developing team and they have confirmed that the update is going fine. It is only that Microsoft should approve their program once they submit it for verification. Players will get the update for their console once this phase gets over.

Pig Races

Racing on a pig is definitely fun for players of all age groups and the Minecraft Xbox 360 version is about to get this update shortly. For those of you who are new to the world, it is not a race element or a single player campaign that promotes pig races but rather a completely different addition. The feature update will introduce the concept of carrots and carrots on a stick. Using the carrots when they are tied to a stick, players can initiate the pigs to start running. This can be later organized into a competition. The races are purely controlled by the players participating in it and they are supposed to set all rules before organizing such an event. The pigs will see the carrots hanging in front of them and will obviously start running trying to grab them. You will now be able to breed pigs using carrots as well which is another addition to the game.

Enchanted Book

The name is self-descriptive which indicates that the enchanted book is used as a tool to keep track of spells and inventory related stuff. The new addition will make Minecraft Xbox 360 extremely fun and memorable. By using the item, players will be able to create enchantments with the help of tools, armor, or any type of weapon. They are supposed to be combined together using the iron anvil interface. The developers 4J Studios revealed this upcoming interface in a Twitter feed which showed that players will indeed get this ability on their console version of the game.


This is another new TU14 feature that will soon become part of the Minecraft Xbox 360 version. The emeralds are precious stones that cannot be found readily all around the map but in rather unusual places. They can be found as treasures when opening loot in desert and jungle temples. There’s one easier option as well where if you have some of the items that NPC villagers need, you will be able to exchange it with them for emeralds. They will usually be standing out of their huts in villages with a blue icon flashing on top of their head.

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