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Google Maps – Find out What’s in Store in 2014 before You Download For Free


The mention of Google Maps rings bells in the ears of many people around the world.

Google Maps is arguably one of the most useful applications to ever hit the internet. The free app is now available for all and sundry. It has been so for a while now.

A Progressive Path of the Free App

The most outstanding characteristic of Google Maps is its ability to look to the future. Indeed, it provides the ideal template for a futuristic company on the internet. Google Maps in 2014 is not the Google Maps of 2013 in many respects. The maps are no longer displayed as they were a season ago. There is a complete overhaul of the direction and location masters on the internet. All the changes are aimed at making your experience better, memorable fast and efficient. The new look Google Maps is by far broader in its scope of categories and advanced in its presentation of the query field. Yet, nothing is more conspicuous in the evolution than the way the new Google Maps display allows for a full page view of your location.

Download the Google Maps UI

The new version of Google maps does not have the classic panel that had come to be associated with the Google Maps page. It is now replaced with a simple looking search bar. Yet, perhaps the most conspicuous change in the way Google Maps appears in its current revamped state is the user interface. As cited earlier, you can view the map on a full page. The side panel has been replaced with a full screen map. There, within the map display is a rather inconspicuous search bar which could pass for any simple tab. Yet, it is with this search bar that you will unlock the real magic of the new-look Google Maps. You will never know the range of functionality matrices that Google Maps has built into the new search bar until you attempt a search of your own. The app is no longer just concerned with particular addresses and categories but is also equipped with dynamic routing and contextual information when you click on the maps.

Keeping the Maps Tidy with Free Google Maps

Google’s card design is a key factor that propels the new Google Maps to new performance heights. It is seen in Google Now and other Google search results. These cards lie under the search bar, only to split into various clear sections which can be restacked so as to navigate between the different sets of information. They are designed to only show when they are needed on the page and disappear when they are not required by the user. This reorganization has led to a more efficient and tidy working environment on the Google Maps page.

The Free Google Maps Is Smarter Now

The new Google maps has been optimized and improved in more areas than you can probably imagine with one or two clicks. The system is contextually aware and is smarter, flexible and faster in responding to the search queries. You get information at every click without covering the immediate surrounding area as was the case in the earlier version.