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Halo 5 Exciting Release Date Updates, Gear Up

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Every bit of news pointed that the Halo 5 is indeed set to be released in 2014 that is very close with only few months for the year to end.

There has been plenty of new news on the topic from various official sources including Microsoft and people who are related to the game. When the next gen console, Xbox One got released it got even stronger because everyone wanted a new title from the series to get released as soon as possible. The just released console offers plenty of potential for the game to shine because of its increased processing and graphics power. Developers will be able to make bigger levels, maps and include more AI members to make battles more exciting. With such huge potential, it is no wonder fans wanted a new Halo game to be launched on either platform now because it has been over a year since anything came up.

Plot Revealed

The first update from Halo 5 came in the form of a plot reveal which was definitely exciting and huge boost for the entire community. It was not only a sneak peek into the plot of the game but there were some official artwork as well. Every content pointed to a Halo in development which everyone already knows for awhile but the release of artwork made players assume it might be released this year. The confirmation came from the voice actor of the game who has been voicing the Master Chief character ever since the first version of the game. He confirmed that the studio talks to him now and then. They will most probably have something up their sleeve and the Halo journey will continue in 2014. Everyone assumed that it is a completely new game.

Halo Special Anniversary Edition

The voice actor confirmed that Halo 2 special anniversary edition will most probably be the upcoming release for the next gen console. Earlier, the game was anticipated to be a launch title for the new console. Somehow, it didn’t make it to the list because being a Microsoft exclusive, the company wanted to make sure it launches at the right time where there is minimal competition in the industry. Besides it is the trump card for the console maker to make sure their platform keeps selling and the exclusive title that their fans could boast of to other people. They clearly specified that the journey will continue this year which indicates that it may not be a Halo 5 release but definitely something surprising has been planned by the developers.

Later, the voice actor revealed that he didn’t confirm an anniversary edition because it could be anything and he based his news only from those things online. Ardent fans knew that it is only a statement that the game developer wanted him to make so as to not spoil the surprise that they have planned for the gaming community. The Halo 5 is definitely going to continue the franchise and it will soon be official, as expected.