If you are looking for the latest mobile phone from Apple this season, you have two options, the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C.

The 5S is a model that is more expensive and is a higher end model with some upgrades when compared with the 5C. When comparing the weights of the 5S and the 5C, the 5C is a little heavier and also about 18% thicker, though the weight difference is not very discernible. The 5S has some forward thinking features, so it’s up to you to decide which way you want to go.

iPhone 5S – An Advanced Version

When comparing the iPhone 5S and the 5C, it is not just about two devices of different sizes. There are many other aspects to consider, apart from size. For instance, the 5S has a better processor. It also has additional features, such as an additional processor for motion tracking and a fingerprint sensor. The camera also has some new features and it is an improved version. In short, we can say that the 5S is an improved version.

iPhone 5C – Colorful Look

The iPhone 5C is almost similar to the iPhone 5, now in a colorful shell made of plastic. It can actually be termed as replacement for the iPhone 5 and can be called as this year’s iPhone 5. It feels good in the hands, as the plastic is not the plasticky one used in some Samsung phones. It is light, thin and colorful, but solid at the same time. The phone comes in different colors, such as green, pink, blue and yellow as well as white and are fun and playful to look at, when compared to the endless list of black and white mobile iPhones.

iPhone 5S – Same Looks

The iPhone 5S looks almost the same as the iPhone 5, with the same body and weight at 112 g. The home button has seen a change and the 5S also has a cameral flash of dual LED. It is available in two additional colors as well, the gray and the gold along with the silver carried over from last season.

Lot in Common

Both the phones have a similar Retina display of 4 inches with a resolution of 1136 x 640 and a 326 ppi, with the same height and width. Both the devices offer support for 4G LTE and are run on the iOS 7. The battery life is also the same, though the 5S seems to have a slightly better one, though both will not discharge completely at the end of the day.

Fingerprint Sensor

The 5S enjoys the advantage of a fingerprint sensor with a Touch ID, which offers convenience along with security. When the user sets up the Touch ID, he will have to press his finger on the sensor several times, so that the system begins to memorize his or her fingerprint. There is also an additional passcode. So, you can unlock the phone merely with your fingerprint, but if someone else wants to use the phone, they can access it with the passcode.

iPhone 5S Performance – Futuristic

On the performance front, the specifications of the 5S seem to enjoy an advantage over those of the 5C. Yet, the 5C is definitely not slow. The 5S is a device that is prepared for the future and has an A7 chip that can be of great advantage in case of 64 bit apps created in the future.

If you are looking at the futuristic aspect of a phone, the iPhone 5S is surely the one for you. But if you are looking at just this moment, there is not much difference between the iPhone 5S and the 5C, except perhaps the price.

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