For weeks, the speculation has been going on about the TU14 for Minecraft PS3 edition and finally the developers have come forward to confirm its existence.

The features are all already available with the PC version under the update 1.3.1 and 4J studios is the team that has been working to port it to the console versions. It was quite a wait for Playstation gamers and the title finally got launched only a couple of months ago.

There are plenty of bugs and glitches that need a fix which the game developers confirmed are on its way. The title update 14 will not only make the game better to play but is will also set to introduce multiple new gameplay elements. The feature updates are expected to glue players to the game because they are exciting and will allow them to do more with the world than it used to be. The NPC villagers will have emeralds once the update rolls out. To get it from them, players should provide items in return and complete a successful trade.

Easy Trading Interface

Trading has been made easy with the upcoming update for Minecraft PS3 version. The developers will be making things more interesting because trading items will be the ones that are already found in the inventory as well as the emeralds which will be a new addition. These are precious stones that are rarely found in the game world. Players will have the chance to get them by trading or finding them randomly when they unlock loots in desert or jungle temples.

The NPC villagers who are ready to trade will have a glowing blue icon on top of their heads. Players should reach these villages and find those willing trades to grab hold of precious emeralds. Sometimes, they will give stone in exchange for an item and it may be two items at once based on what the interfaces revealed a week back. All your items in the inventory will be open and they have to be shown to the villager to confirm which one he or she wants to complete the trade without difficulty.

Baked Potatoes and More Food Items

The update for Minecraft PS3 version will include new food items such as potatoes, baked potatoes and pumpkin pies. Players had the freedom to cultivate pumpkins in their farms with the original version of the game. The additional feature update will allow them to make pies using them that add a touch of creativity and another new food item to consume. It will deliver more energy to the player.

The potatoes can be cultivated in the farms of other villagers or in your own area. Baked potatoes are the same except for the fact that they are baked, crisp and look almost black within the game. You need a fuel and a source to bake them properly for ideal results. Pigs can now be bred using these potatoes and there’s also the new carrot on the stick addition as well which will let players travel mounted on pigs or organize races using them.

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