When leaks started making rounds, publisher of the game EA came to the forefront to confirm that The Sims 4 is indeed scheduled for a release and will officially get released during fall 2014.

The dates are quite vague because the Brazilian official website of the game was the first place where players spotted information. It claimed that the game is indeed set to be launched during GDC – game developers conference 2014. The conference is slated to be held during the month of September where all big publishers from the gaming industry will take the dais and show off their exclusive creations.

EA might have planned to reveal their upcoming title during this event because the game is touted to have excellent AI features integrated in it. It is expected that the Sims franchise will drastically evolve with this release and reach wider group of audience than ever before.

Official Information

Retailers in stores around the globe were the first to make this news official. Many of them in Europe and Canada claimed that they are looking at a September launch. Some of them were even extremely confident that the Sims 4 will actually get released on September 15th which could be a confirmed data. The company didn’t confirm this date as speculated because they will most probably want to keep it as a surprise and not spoil the fun.

After all, gamers love to hear new and exciting news at the most unexpected moment. EA recently launched their title Plants vs Zombies and also planning to release from DLC packs for their Battlefield 4 games. In the same lines, they are supposed to wind up all their other offerings and make sure Sims is the only game from their company during its global launch.

Release Date

After the new of a September launch went rife, EA confirmed everyone that they are indeed planning to bring out the game during Fall. The time period is very large and it could be anywhere during the months. Players expect that it could even be December which is too far considering the fact that the year has just begun. The company claims that they have some exciting surprises which will be unveiled anytime during Fall this year and also confirmed that the time will approach in a jiffy. It is not so long as it may look is what they want players to believe.

While it is true to an extent, the leaks has almost confirmed that one can expect the game to either be revealed during GDC conference or launch directly in stores on the specified date. Either way chances are high that the Sims 4 is indeed going to get released this year and has all the potential features incorporated in it to become the most popular title of recent times. The game will have revamped impressive graphics engine, highly precise AI, new features, costumes, characters to interact with and much more that will offer hours of addictive gameplay for ardent gamers.

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