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Adobe Flash Player 12 – What’s New in This Free Download Edition


Periodically, you may be receiving updates on your browser asking you to download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.

This is because of the Automatic Notification and Update feature in the software that allows the company to send you a notification when an updated version of the Flash Player is introduced.

Though the update only takes a couple of minutes, you may be tempted to skip it. However, the new features offered by Adobe Flash Player 12 are definitely worth a muse. Here is a list of the superior features of Adobe Flash Player 12 over Adobe Flash Player 11 that make you decide to click on the “Download” button when you receive an update notification on your web browser.

High Performance Gaming Experience

How can you enjoy the panoramic gaming experience offered by 2D and 3D games if your game keeps on crashing? The latest version of Adobe Flash Player features Stage 3D along with full screen support that brings consistent console quality games to your web browser.

For several Facebook games like Zynga, CastleVille and Backyard Monsters you are required to download the latest Adobe Flash Player. With its enhanced mouse control, this software allows you to create invigorating, surreal gaming environment that makes most of its features like mouse lock, infinite scrolling, right- and middle-click events and relative mouse coordinates.

Controls for Your Media Experience

The internet gives you access to unlimited content. However, the viewing experience over your browser can be tacky at times. With Adobe Flash Player 12, this is no longer true. This software offers support for various streaming standards. This allows flexibility and efficient delivery of video content across various CDN configurations and network.

With Adobe Flash Player 12, you can use industry-standard codecs such as MP3, H.264 and AAC to run high-quality HD video. Enjoy first class video performance with the use of chipsets that extent across all platforms and hardware optimization of GPU.

It also offers content protection and efficient workflow and monetization mechanism for a variety of commercial businesses like HD rental, electronic sell-through and subscription, across various platforms, through the Adobe Access software.

Dynamism Packed with Power and High Security Features

With its asynchronous bitmap decoding, high-resolution bitmap support, and bitmap caching Adobe Flash Player 12 delivers silky smooth interactivity and animations. This lightweight plug-in helps in delivery of optimized SWF files that enables faster download and reduce consumption of bandwidth. This is done using LZMA compression that reduces SWF (ShockWave Flash) file size by up to forty percent.

You can use Adobe Flash Player 12 to deliver High- performance vector graphics and also to display true 1080p videos that optimizes the usage of up to four CPU cores. It’s not only about powerful performance but also about Adobe Flash Player offering certain security control features over its previous version.

Flash Access content protection support is now available on mobile platforms like Android mobiles and tablets. Some of the new enhanced features in this version include enhanced output protection, key device filtering, domain support, rotation support and V3 license chaining. With this power packed new version of Adobe Flash Player, you can definitely experience a host of advantages. Update Adobe Flash Player 12 on all your web platforms including PCs, mobiles and tablets and let you media viewing experience come to life.