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Download Subway Surfers – Free Tips and Tricks for Newbies


Do you see your friends jumping with joy after spending hours twiddling their thumbs on their Android or Apple Device?

They must have just scored a million plus points in the ultimate urban sensational game called Subway Surfers. If you are feeling left behind, download this graphical feast and be a part of this fabulous virtual adventure mania. As a newbie to the game, you need to catch up on few tips and tricks to match your score with your friends.

Get Used to the Controls

The game involves a lot of running, jumping and collecting coins while avoiding hazardous obstacles on a subway trail. To enable this maneuverability, the game has very simple controls of movement. Get yourself used to these controls before you take the game head-on.

Get Used to the Power Ups

You can earn various Power ups during the run by dashing into their symbols. It is important to know what these are and take advantage them instead of avoiding them by dismissing them as obstacles. Get familiar with various power-ups like 2xMultiplier, Jetpack, Super Sneakers and Coin Magnets that lend an extra feature or skill to your alter ego in the game for some time. If these Powerups begin to confuse you, it is advisable to focus on only two Powerups – Jetpack and Coin Magnets in your initial phase of the game. You can use Super Sneaker to run faster.

Get as Many Coins as You Can

Collecting coins gives a great boost to your score once your character dies. However, do not get lured by the coins that are in a difficult position and lose your life in the game. In other words, so dot try for the coins at the cost of your life. Give a boost to your coin collection spree with Powerups like Coin Magnets.

Use Hoverboards for Added Protection

You will come across Hoverboards in the trail. Collect them to avoid crashes into obstacles. This can also help you boost your score. You would need to spend some of your coins to buy one but it is a worthy spend especially when you are new to the game. These Hoverboards give you a safety cover for 30 seconds. If you hit something in that period, the Hoverboard disappears. Starboard is a Hoverboard that is available to everyone. Some other popular Hoverbooards that you should familiarize yourself with include Low-rider, Bouncer, Daredevil, Special Power, Freestyler and Big Kahuna.

Try to Stay as High as You Can

A safety tip is to keep running on top of the trains on the track. This will help you avoid several obstacles on the track. Another advantage of doing so is that when you jump off the train, your jump taken you much farther. This can help you move faster in the game while avoiding obstacles.

Now that you have this hands-on guide to get started on Subway Surfers, get on board to enjoy this fast, cool, chart topping and addictive running game and run as fast as you can and as far as you can! You can now exchange scores with your friends and even beat them as you get more experience in the game!