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Download Viber or Skype – Enjoy Free and Cheap Calls

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People around the globe have managed to cut down on their local as well as international calling costs by switching over to Voice Over Internet Protocol or VOIP-based communication services.

The most popular amongst them is Skype. Millions of people across the globe use this service offered by Microsoft to enjoy free and cheap calls over the internet.

While Skype has been popular for many years for its video and voice calling, IM and low cost calls, Viber as a VOIP tool is slowly gaining advantage and popularity over Skype by helping hundreds of millions of users use VOIP over their mobiles phones as well as their Desktops at home and at work.

Here are few points to ponder upon when you are deciding upon which VOIP service to go for.

Which One Is Easy To Use

While both apps are easy to install and have a user friendly and clean interface, they both work differently. While Skype identifies you with a username and a password, Viber uses your mobile number as your primary identifier. This offers you better mobile integration. Therefore, if you use VOIP service on your phone, Viber would be a better choice for you.

Cost Is an Important Factor

Currently both the services are free to download. However, there are cost associated with VOIP calls made to landlines and mobile phones. Some published price comparisons show that Skype is more expensive in terms of per minute calls to certain countries.

Another advantage that Viber offers over Skype in VOIP calls to landlines and mobile phones is that it displays the real phone number of the user to recipients, bringing about more transparency and authenticity in communication.

If you are planning to use your VOIP service to make international calls to mobiles or landlines, it is a good idea to compare the rates for that specific country with both the VOIP providers and choose the cheaper one.

Follow Your Friends

In order to maximize the benefit from these VOIP services, you would like to use the service that your friends and family use to enjoy free and cheap VOIP calls. Skype being around for a longer time has a larger user base than Viber. Hence, you are likely to use more of Skype than Viber for now.

Call Quality Can Make or Break the Deal

When you are carrying out important business discussions over VOIP, call quality is of high significance. Skype’s call and video quality is as of now much better than Viber’s. This is because of the enhanced codecs and HD voice it uses. Viber currently does not offer much of a video calling feature. Hence, Skype earns a big thumbs-up in this department.

While Skype is the currently the more popular VOIP service between the two, it is evident that with time Viber will soon catch up and maybe even outdo this giant from Microsoft’s den.

While the writing is on the wall, what becomes of this David vs Goliath story remains to be seen by all. Until then we can enjoy both the free services and talk to our contacts in distant lands at a low cost!