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Free Antivirus Download – Tips to Help You Get an Intelligent Defense System


There are many free antiviruses available for download on the Internet.

Some of them might just end up damaging your system, whereas there are some really good ones out there. Not all of us can pay for antivirus software each year, but they are important for the protection of your computer. Many of the top companies offer paid software for increased protection, but also offer basic level software in their websites, which is enough for protecting you for browsing Google or going through Facebook and so on.


The free antivirus software can be downloaded to offer a basic level of protection against some of the common and worst threats to your system, which includes spyware and viruses. The product is also good for protection in case of social networking, which is a unique aspect of AVG. The LinkScanner technology present in AVG is able to scan webpages even before you make a visit to the page, so that the safety is determined.

The latest version for 2014 offers a greater push for personal data management to prevent unwanted access of your files. The 2013 version of AVG was the first step towards the Modern UI movement for a more streamlined security version. The latest version has reduced installation steps and has some useful options for security, such as Do Not Track. Once the software adapts to your system, the scan times can be reduced dramatically.


Avira Antivirus is available as a free download, offering a basic protection against common threats. The protection is still only a basic one that can guard your computer from worms and viruses, but not from dialers or Trojans. The latest update is more modern and approachable for managing security for different devices. Online Essential has been integrated for better scanning and protection. All management functions are directed to the Online Essentials dashboard and this makes it easy for running scans and managing your device.

Avira is ranked quite high for its effective detection of malware. The icons and the avatars are bright and distinct and also consistent. In addition, the user is automatically signed up for notifications in a default setting. Online Essentials has both free and paid versions, both effective for security management. In fact, it is not merely a utility for the PC but a security solution which is a cross platform one.


It is considered one among the best free antivirus software protection for basic protection. It can protect your computer from suspicious files and malware as well as viruses and a lot more. The technology used is known as the Auto Sandbox. It offers an environment for running programs having malicious potential. This will result in isolation of all malicious software, so that they cannot access your computer.

All the basic features, such as desktop widget and firewall protection are offered along with Game Mode and the drag and drop submissions of any suspicious applications for the purpose of analysis. There are some additional features as well, which are also free. The COMODO Dragon Web browser is one such feature.

The Verdict

Whatever your choice, It is important to download the latest version, as it has all the tweaks to spot latest spyware or malware. If you are not satisfied with the protection from some of the basic antivirus software available, you can also upgrade to the paid service or try out a paid service.