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Google Maps for Free – Download Not Just for Maps


After watching Sandra Bullock and George Clooney starrer blockbuster movie “Gravity”, don’t you wish to watch the globe from a distance?

If only you could get a bird’s eye view of your country, city or state to make sense of geography of your homeland. This and much more can be achieved by activating the Google Maps App on your mobile phone.

This application developed by Google Inc is available for Android, iOS, Blackberry and many other platforms today. Though most people use Google Maps for getting driving directions, there is a lot more Google Maps offers. Here are some of the features of this app that can be handy to you.

Finding Directions to Your Destination

You can find directions to multiple destinations using the latest Google Maps App. For a single destination journey, you need to simply enter the starting point and the destination. However, for a journey with multiple destinations you can keep adding more stops by clicking on the plus sign below the search bar. You can also get an alternate driving path to avoid a certain jam or construction zone by dragging the path around gently on the map. In some cities, Google map also gives information on traffic snarls encouraging you to take alternative routes.

Quick Access to Google Earth and Street Views

Street view helps you view place just the way you would see it when you would be physically present there. You can enjoy this ground level view by clicking on a yellow icon on the bottom right hand corner. The same page also gives you quick access to Google Earth. Click on photos next to the Street view option and you can view satellite images from Google Earth as well as user submitted pictures.

Your Personal Concierge Service

You want to find out the events happening in your city. Simply search for your favorite concert hall or any other venue of your choice and you shall see a results card that leads you to a link featuring the upcoming events in that venue.

Make Best Use of Public Transit

If you thought that Google Maps App could only be used for driving directions, you have been wrong throughout. Google Maps App can also give you directions for walking on foot or even for cycling. Though this feature is available in select area only, you can find out by checking the option in the drop down list under the location and destination field. You can also choose the option of public transit by clicking on the icon that shows a train.

Herein you can choose the mode of public transit and their start times. You can also estimate the cost of your trip on the train or bus and decide on the mode of public transit that suits you best in terms of time and money involved.

If you are new to Google Maps, go ahead, download the App, and educate everyone about its wonderful features. On the other hand, if you have been using Google Maps only for directions, unlock its true value and explore the many other features it offers you to benefit from.