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Yahoo Messenger vs Google Talk – Which is the Best Free IM to Download?


The world has definitely become a smaller place with a variety of Instant Messengers at our disposal.

Chances are that you would not opt for a Desktop messenger due to the wide variety of convenient web based Instant Messengers or IMs available today. However, some users prefer to have an IM desktop application downloaded for their online chatting business, as they do not wish to clutter their mailbox with brief chats.

Most users are opting for either Google Talk or Yahoo as their IM desktop application. If you have been confused lately which service to use as your primary IM on your desktop, here is a quick guide to help you make your choice.

The Packaging Matters

The old adage goes – do not judge a book by its cover. However, in the IM world, you cannot help but judge the IMs based on their Graphical User Interface (GUI). If you like to keep your chatting simple, professional and clutter free, Google Talk or GTalk is the right IM for you. Unlike Yahoo Messenger, GTalk does not add too much of frill to its chatting and hence is an option preferred by professionals. This is why Gtalk only occupies approximately 1.45 MB of space upon download whereas Yahoo Messenger occupies over 15 MB of space upon installation.

Bells and Whistles for the IM Users

Both Yahoo Messenger and Gtalk offer some extra features. However, Yahoo Messenger scores high over Gtalk when it comes to paraphernalia. Some extra fizz that Yahoo Messgenger offers includes Real-time Photo Sharing, Real-Time Video Sharing, High definition Video Chat, Real-Time Gaming, personalization included animated emoticons and IM to SMS Integration.

Browser Based Chatting Feature

The clear advantage Gtalk offers over Yahoo Messenger is the browser based chatting feature. This means that the users either do not have to necessarily download the GTalk software. They can chat through their web browser based chat available on the sidebar upon logging into their Gmail account. Gtalk users can even retrieve their chat logs via their Gmail account.

How Compatible is Your IM Client

Gtalk is compatible with various operating systems like Linux, Google chrome OS, Android Apps, Blackberry, Maemo, Web OS and of course Microsoft Windows. On the Other hand Yahoo Messenger is only available for Symbian, Free BSD, Unix, Mac OSX, Android Apps, iOS, Linux and Microsoft Windows.

The verdict is clear. Gtalk is a clear winner for those who prefer professional chatting environment. However, for those who love the frills and do not mind the jazzed up clutter on their IM can go for Yahoo messenger.

With most features being the same, GTalk clearly offers more functionality to the chatters with its compatibility with a wide range of Operating systems and its web browser feature. In all likelihood, you will be tempted to use the IM your friends and family use. But since the world is moving to GTalk, you can make the first move and your friends and family shall follow you! You can use the “Import Contacts” option in Yahoo Messenger to affect the automatic transfer of contacts and enjoy the simple chatting experience offered by GTalk!