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Chromecast vs Apple vs Roku Free Downloads – Comparative Views

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The world is spoilt for choice when it comes to video streaming devices in the present day.

The home theater has been boosted with many varying releases which make it easier for everyone to choose a device of their own. Yet, these devices are not the same. Although there are some household names which continue to maintain a large client trust base, there are new and progressive video streaming devices that have proved even more versatile than the classic types. A glimpse at what the market presents reveals a long line of varying devices, some of which, you have probably never seen or heard. Your stores display Roku Chromecast; Netgear pushes TV, Apple TV, Slingbox, Visio Co-Star, TiVo Stream and more.

Download the Apps That Stand Out From the Crowd

Although the market is crowded with all sorts of streaming devices, you have an opportunity to make head and tail of your many apps and widgets coming off the electronic manufacturer’s conveyer belt. If you visited some reputed sites, you would begin to appreciate what really differentiates your video streaming devices. In particular, searches on the internet reveal that of the many devices, there has been a trend in which three of these video streaming devices have always topped the chats on Amazon is arguably the world’s largest single authentic open online market, which features dealers from all walks of life. You can virtually get information about anything you want on this site. It is the world’s open cyber market of choice. Apple TV, the Roku 3 and Google Chromecast have impressed users more than any other devices on the market so far. Yet the three devices are neither the same in functionality nor robustness.

Google Chromecast Pricing

Chromecast is the one device that you cannot afford to miss when it comes to dynamic streaming of videos. Yet, the device is also the lowest priced among the lot of the three set top boxes. The price of the device is so low that you can effectively buy three Chromecast machines for every one Apple device or Roku 3. The Chromecast price is just about $ 30, while Apple and Roku are selling at approximately $80 on the open market.

The Catch in the Chromecast Device

Whereas Chromecast is admittedly the lowest priced of the three devices, it is not a stand alone device. In order to view your video streams on Chromecast, you certainly need a Smartphone, Tablet or PC connection. Otherwise, your Chromecast device may be as good as any junk. Owing to the dependency on other devices for functionality, it therefore emerges that Chromecast may not be your convenient nor cheapest streaming device. Although many families own one or two of the devices needed for Chromecast plug-in, the fact is that there are homes which may not have any of these available for such connection. In the end, they would have to buy the devices, which is, of course, more expensive than purchasing a stand alone device.
On the other hand, Roku has recently added a You Tube application on their devices. The number of official applications on Roku is unbeatable. Moreover, of the three, Roku is the only device that features the official Amazon Instant video support.