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Download Clash of Clans For Free – Tips to Remember While Playing


Clash of Clans is a free online strategy game where you build your own village and protect it from attackers, while you also do the attacking to other players’ villages.

The idea is to build powerful barracks to produce stronger soldiers. Your town should also be well-defended by placing cannons, mortar, walls, and archer towers, among others. The biggest edge of this app among other free games is that it lacks energy bars that limit your playing time.

Advancement to different levels depends on gold and elixir that you collected from the attacks or from the mines you bought. Clash of Clans is free to download, but the developers still need to earn an income in some ways. In-app purchases can be made to speed up your progress because as you go far ahead into the game, the quests will require increasing amounts of gold and elixir that will take a while before you collect, sometimes taking more than a couple of days. Once you get the hang of playing, planning strategies is very important to keep the game alive and to come out as the better soldiers.

Take Advantage of Your Shield

When your village gets attacked and 40% is destroyed, you’ll have a 12-hour shield. While 90% destroyed gets you additional four hours. It’s important that you use this time to your advantage. Don’t start planning on an attack yet; instead, use the shield to build your army, stock up on resources, and upgrade your towers. Some users even put their town hall where it can be easily attacked because the amount of the time of safety that will be given is worth it.

Gems Are Important

As we mentioned, in-app purchases are available but if you don’t want to spend real money and go broke like some users did, gems can be used to speed up the production. Just be wise on where you will use the gems and as much as possible, save them. Once you’ve saved enough gems, think about where it will be more useful for you in the game, because as the game progresses, it becomes harder to collect gems.

Make the Best Defense and Offense

In Clash of Clans, defense and offense are not very different from the other. If you’re able to build a powerful defense on your village, you will get an equally powerful offense in return. Whichever you’re planning to concentrate on, your Town Hall should be the first one that needs to be upgraded. If you want defense to be your strong point, upgrade your walls and defensive structures. Air defense and mortar are important so make sure that they’re greatly protected.

If you want offense, your elixir production should be your next priority so you can start storing resources immediately. Next are your barracks and camps to start building your army. Some users even leave few elixirs outside the walls on purpose so that when other players attack their village, they can gather the elixirs without doing a lot of damage to the whole village. Clash of Clans is a really game of strategies, and the one who is able to plan good strategies is usually the most successful.