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Free Download of Flappy Bird – Crashing, Bumping and Exhilarating Experience


Flappy Bird is a free game for the iPhone or Android, which has actually flapped its way happily to the top of the charts.

The game play is dead simple, but it has great difficulty levels. If you haven’t heard of Flappy Bird, you may actually be better off! Seriously! It’s a highly addictive game but if you have already gone beyond the point of no return, here are a few tips to increase your score and protect you from utter frustration. Like any other mobile game, it is not an entirely novel idea. The gamer has to navigate the pixelated bird through several warp pipes without striking surfaces. The risk of failure increases with each of the gates that you pass. Even a double-digit score is something to be really proud of in Flappy Bird.

Playing on a Bigger Screen

If you were presently playing the free game on your iPhone, the first thing to do would be to ditch the phone and start playing it on your tablet or laptop. It is much easier to dodge pipes when playing on a bigger screen. If you have an Android phone, it is suggested you play on this device, as it is easier on Android when compared with the iOS. Of course, it cannot get much easier but take advantage soon, for there are rumors going around that the playing field on the iOS and Android are going to be leveled out soon.

Cut out the Noise

If you have any distractions, it might be difficult to score high. Turn off all distractions, sit isolated in a room and switch your phone to flight mode! Receiving a call or a text message in the middle of a game can ruin your score, as also your friendship. By activating the flight mode, you will also be avoiding irritating ads from obstructing your vision.

Avoid Crashing

Another problem when you download Flappy Bird is that it crashes if there are too many apps open on your device. This might happen at the wrong time just when you are about to attain a new high score. So, close all other apps that might be running in the background. In case of the iOS, you just have to tap the home button twice and take a swipe at the apps. Users of Android can opt for the Force Stop in the app settings.

Creating a Rhythm

If you find that the Flappy Bird is flapping everywhere in the screen, try out a rhythm to make the bird steady, as this makes it easy to control the bird. For instance, you can use the clouds to guide you in the beginning, with the bird bouncing on the top.

Avoid Bumping

Try to aim for the middle to avoid bumping into pipe corners. Try to get the bird at the pipe’s vertical center. When the bird is between two pipes, jump only when it reaches the horizontal center.

Get Used to Dying

You will die often when you play Flappy Bird; so get used to it. You can die when you nose dive on the ground or go beak first into the pipes on the landscape or when you touch the top or the bottom of the pipes while scoring points. To avoid this, you have to tap the screen and push yourself forward, but the small breaks through which you need to pass are placed randomly and you might very well plunge downward.

Though the game is a free download one, there is no ad free version. However, the ads are not very intrusive. The design of the game is simple and it’s not actually difficult. There are many people who play it extraordinarily well.