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Instagram Free Download App, Popular Social App For iPhone and Android


Instagram is on the top of the list of every enjoyments for everyone. Almost everyone who owns a smartphone has their own Instagram and it’s been growing in popularity as a social network.

Now, it is very easy for fans to engage with their favorite celebrities and brands in addition to their very own friends and of course, followers.

From the press page data of Instagram, it shows that there are about 1,000 comments and 8,500 likes being posted every second and its 100 million of monthly users are posting about 40 million new pictures each and every day.


Instagram is not only good for a person who love to take pictures, make it more vibrant or gorgeous using different filters from the app itself. This is for the reason that Instagram is now being used by business owners as well to reach out with people anywhere around the world and boost their bonds between the brand and their fans.

As a business owner, you can now use it as your own platform to introduce new products and promote your existing ones to the target audience. 

Instagram actually gives you the simplest way of personalizing every photo you take or even your brand. It give the users an inside look of what you really are, what your interests are, who your favorite celebrity and bands are and many more.

For businesses, apart from the photos of your products, you can use this platform as a good way of giving your followers the inside look into how’s the operation going on with your business.

If you have small business into your home office, sharing pictures that show off your work space, including your puppy or cat would be awesome. However, if you are an owner of a larger business with the usual location, then feel free to shoot few pictures of your employees at their work.

Instagram helps individuals and business owners the inside perspective of how you are running your life and business, which will surely create more of the bond.

Instagram is an application for iPhones, Android and even with Blackberry and what’s best about it. There’s no need for you to spend a dime to have it installed. This is for the reason that it comes for free. You can get the free app from Google Play or other Android stores around. Of course, if you are using an iPhone, then you will have to go to the Apple Store for it.


Instagram comes out with many filters for you to choose from and you can use whatever you feel is perfect for the picture, be it a food, your dog, your nails, your hair, your new shows, your outfit of the day, your tea, your cup and anything you love taking pictures of.

Moreover, Instagram is now supporting videos, so if you have recorded videos and you want to share it with the world through your followers, there’s no need for you to worry, as you can have it done in this app.